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No Negotiation on Free Speech

"Free Speech Zones" are for the coopted and for sheep. Do not obey!
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you bet! 22.Feb.2004 18:44


Free Speech Zones are gulags! Someone else posted that here, and I totally agree. This entire country is supposed to be a free speech zone. I still cannot believe that we have come to this...actually herding Americans into fences where they "demonstrate" in a void. It is unconscionable!

It is simple 22.Feb.2004 19:12


'Free Speech Zone' is an oxymoron they are without any legal footing as is the term 'enemy combatant'. It is just crap an unelected "government" makes up. It is not even a question of obeying. ANYONE entering one is a collaborator with the enemy. Why would anyone want to help empower the fascist?

Keep track of all the times and places you are deigned your rights Public places, airports, etc. so the class action suits will be more actuate. So much will have to be paid back to us that we will be looking at Federal tax credits for years to come.

Solution to "Free Speech Zones" 22.Feb.2004 19:16


Bolt cutters.

Keeping an Eye on the Doughnut and Not the Hole 22.Feb.2004 23:15


The "free speech zone" designation gets the jump on the situation with some double-speak. It lets the State's militants co-opt the term "free speech", as if they were "protecting" it--or even "granting" it where none has existed before!

What the various establishments of State power should be designating, more realistically, are "prohibited-" or "controlled speech zones". That would more clearly describe their goals and objectives in each case.

As others sense, there is some skewed ambiguity about designating a "free speech zone" within the greater national boundaries, where, presumably, free speech already exists.

It would also make more sense for citizens to know NOT where the "free speech zone" is located, but where the "non-free speech zone" has been declared. The same lines of storm troopers, velo-goons, mounties, biker muscle, etc. can still form up, conduct showy tactical maneuvers, orate from the Good Humor wagon, etc. when they are surrounding and defending the "restricted speech zone", where the Constitution has been suspended for reasons of "national security" or "public safety", leaving all else as it is--Constitutionally free speech country.

Maybe some PoPo monitor of this site could give it some thought and/or pass it on to the brass for review--think of it like a no- or restricted parking sign, as compared to posting parking allowed signs on every street, road and alley, when motorists just want to know where NOT to park.