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RNC Not Welcome Meeting-WED.Feb 25th

Portland has started organizing!!! join us in New York City this september!!
On Wednesday, Feb. 25th, there will be a meeting to help organize portlanders to join NYC for the Republican National Convention Protest this summer. There will be an open meeting starting at 5:30 pm for those interested in information regarding the protest as well as local solidarity actions.
PLease join us!

Where? 3347 SE Belmont Ave
When? open discussion meeting @5:30 pm with potluck @ 6 pm followed by working group meeting @6:30pm

"From August 30th through September 4th, the Republicans will be invading New York City to nominate George W. Bush as their candidate for President. Never has a convention been hosted so late in the year and this is the first time a Republican Convention has been in New York City. Why host a convention in September? Why New York? By exploiting our grief and trauma from September 11th, the right wing intends to further their regressive political agenda.

The main goal of the party conventions is to nominate a candidate for the presidential election. The secondary goals of the Republican convention is to develop the party platform, select or confirm the vice presidential nominee and to act as a Republican pep-rally to build momentum for the final stretch of the election cycle. More than 20,000 Republican part delegates, donors and officials will be in attendance.

With all this, the entire world will be watching the proceedings via the lenses and pens of a massive media presence. 15,000 members of the media are expected to cover the event.

Traditionally the party conventions are a potent point of protest. Because of the huge diversity of populations targeted by the Bush administrations regressive agenda, the protests around the 2004 Republican Convention are likely to be the largest in history. "
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