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Democrats are spineless racist fucking scum

The democratic leadership are sleazy racist fucks. They conspired with the republicans and lynched Cynthia McKinney cause she was asking questions about the TRILLIONS of dollars the pentagon just 'lost'.
The democrats are racist fucks because they said nothing about the tens of thousands of mostly black voters that were illegally expunged from the voting rolls in Florida in 2000. They also went right along with business as usual as black voters were intimidated and harrassed from voting.

Any democrat who spends their time blah blah blahing about Nader and ignores the blatant racism that helped install Bush in the White House, is cowardly racist scum.

They lost cause they are sniveling cowards, not because of Nader.

If the democrats had any measure of honesty and courage, Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris would be in prison and Dubya would be snorting cocaine at his daddy's ranch. Instead of pursuing the truth, they try to blame Nader. The democrats are the most worthless, spineless, cowardly, bought and owned pieces of shit anywhere on this earth. They will never ever ever get a vote from me.
not worth a stomach ulcer 22.Feb.2004 14:41

Giuseppe Garibaldi

this shit's not even worth getting that upset about. these guys and gals in both parties are all a bunch of bourgeois shitheads, but that's been true a long time. have you watched the film "Despotism" yet? Check out this feature on pdx indymedia:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/02/280994.shtml

As simple as it is, this little grade school educational flick gives a pretty good set of barometers for judging the political trajectory of a country, and in light of this very straightforward analysis, nothing that's happening now should have come as that big of a surprise to us. all this crap's been in the works a LONG time.

new voting system needed... 22.Feb.2004 15:14


...that is, unless we can just get a new (or non-existant) government. There are two major improvements to make in our "democracy":

1) get rid of two party system.
2) "None of the above" should always be an option in an election. That way, we could show how much we hate our "options".

Compost? 22.Feb.2004 17:29


This "thread" is 110% troll.

Spudnuts is 200% TROLL. 22.Feb.2004 18:04


it's *long past* time for the corrupt-to-the-Skull & Bones system to collapse -

maybe 2004 will be the year . . . ?

No, Spudnuts..... 22.Feb.2004 18:09

Joe Nobody

I think this thread is actually very honest and reflect the cynicism that a lot of people don't want to admit about our little two party shitty little system.
Wake up and smell the coffee

question for 'Spudnuts' - 22.Feb.2004 18:51


which of the two leading Presidential candidates

are NOT members of Yale's Skull and Bones society?

. 22.Feb.2004 22:31


As I've stated a number of times on this site, I am no fan of censoring or editing or "composting." If I had my way, NONE of the posts would be deleted or edited (yes, that means the Freeper troll posts), but if ANY thread qualifies as malicious and without merit, this is it.

Understand me, please. The remarks which began this thread are in my opinion viable as a COMMENT to one of the many other Nader threads running now, but as story, commentary, or journalism, they are worthless. Comment? Yes. Independent thread? Um, no.

Does this now mean I am free to start some "Ralph Nader is a STOOPID pees of fuckin SHIT" threads? Or maybe some "Liberalz are gay shit-fuckers who gargul COME!!!!" or "FUCK FUCK FUCK the fuckers who are SCUM!"

The author may indeed be expressing his opinion in its purest form and there are certainly others here who echo him, but that doesn't mean his remarks are anything other than meth-fueled howling of your garden variety feral crotch-grabbing trailer monkey.

But... 22.Feb.2004 22:33


If the mods do decide that ad hominem freestyle flame wars are legal, I enthusiastically submit my own name for consideration for a starting spot on the varsity squad.

I'm good at that shit.

I mean REALLY good.

Yo Spudnuts 22.Feb.2004 23:58


The author is statin some specific stuff, and you never address the points, but only start calling people names. Obviously the poster is super pissed. Well I am too. I want some answers from the Democrats.

I am really curious also why the Democrats ran a candidate against their own incumbent (McKinney) after she started asking questions about the trillions of dollars the pentagon lost! That is a shit load of money. Could it be that she would have had the seniority to initiate an investigation and the Democratic party leaders didn't want it? I am guessing they are up to their eyeballs in corruption.

Oh, come on... 23.Feb.2004 13:33


The author is not mentioning any specific stuff.

There are about a dozen other threads right now where specific differences between Nader and Dems are being discussed, but for some reason, this person felt compelled to start an entirely different thread whose sole assertion is that "Dems are shitheads." How is that an argument?

He's throwing his poo-poo against a wall and hoping something sticks. His "positions" such as they are have been articulated by many others elsewhere on this site in the past couple of days. Why would I want to retread familiar turf with this clown?


The sole issue on this thread is why does it exist at all when it quite clearly fulfills all criteria for being 100% troll. I'm quite sure if the exact same text were used except the title of this thread was "Greens are spineless racist fucking scum" as posted by some Freeper, it wouldn't last eight seconds. This betrays a very unsettling bias from the moderators of this so-called "indy" media.

spudnuts, it's your biases that have been betrayed 23.Feb.2004 13:49


To quote Derrick Jensen, "There's not a breast in that picture is there?"

1) The democrats ignored the election fraud and voter harassment and intimidation in Florida in 2000. You'd think Gore's -16000 votes would have bothered them, or that as many as 1 in 8 votes weren't counted in the heaviest minority counties, but apparently not.
2) The democrats did not act to prevent Bush's selection. They rolled over so that Gore could run again in 2004 (that was a brilliant strategy).
3) The democrats have not gone after the criminal acts of Katherine Harris or Jeb Bush (even though both have broken the law on multiple occasions, and admitted to it in court).
4) The democrats sold out and sabotaged McKinney's campaign because she dared question Bush on 9/11 and the pentagon's trillions of missing dollars. That shows where the democratic party's loyalty truly "lies".

But then, all this is said in the article, you just can't see it.

And it's all true, as opposed to all the articles, and your own posts, supporting that Nader cost Gore the election which should be composted as it is nothing more than disinformation based on unfounded rhetoric, baseless accusations, and misdirected anger.

WRONG, 'Spudnuts' The Clown 23.Feb.2004 13:57


"The author is not mentioning any specific stuff"


black voters in Florida were heavily repressed and prevented from reaching poll stations in 2000.

(and it's less well documented but just as well known in other states)

are you insinuating that this issue is "poo-poo against a wall" ?

Greg Palast, the investigative reporter for BBC and the Observer, was the first to expose the 2000 Florida vote crimes.

He discovered that ninety-four thousand (94,000) people -- over half of them African American --were put on a "scrub list" in Florida by then Secretary of State Katherine Harris and Governor Jeb Bush. This criminal behavior resulted in the people on the scrub list being blocked from voting in the 2000 election.

When the NAACP sued the voting data company, ChoicePoint's DBT, for violating the civil rights of thousands of Florida black citizens, they won their suit. DBT admitted that only 5% of the people listed on the "scrub list" were unqualified to vote. In other words, 89,300 voters on the 2000 scrub list should be re-entered on the Florida election rolls as qualified voters. Florida did not rectify this mistake and reinstate the illegally disqualified voters by the time of the 2002 election. And as yet there is no evidence to indicate that they have been reinstated for the 2004 election.

The fact that Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris were never prosecuted for this heinous crime is part of the Bush II junta's long line of illegal activities, which include the non-prosecution of such criminals as Bush friend, Ken Lay.

recommended reading for all 23.Feb.2004 14:24

another reader

Greg Palast has put the first chapter of "Best Democracy Money Can Buy" entitled "Jim Crow in Cyberspace: The Unreported Story of How They Fixed the Vote in Florida." It is a valuable resource and people should take advantage.


It should probably be followed by reading "Jim Crow Revived in Cyberspace" about the Help America Vote Act (HAVA):