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Iraq occupation moving 2 Bolivia via Haiti?

biodegradable plastics are a future product after the petroleum is drained from Iraq, the next stop of US military could be Haiti in preparation 4 invasion of Columbia, Venezuala, Bolivia, etc and other lands living near petroleum/natural gas reserves.. does Monsanto have gene altered hemp seeds ready 4 agribusiness of future?
petroleum wars are escalating and the violent unrest in Haiti could be a CIA agenda to eventually transfer American military to the Carribean islands to be closer to the oil reserves offshore Columbia, Venezuala, Bolivia (natural gas, see Pacific Natural Gas Consortium, former British Petroleum) and the Central American lands targeted by multinationals and FTAA/WTO globalization..

Petroleum stolen from under Iraqi soil is the reason for the Iraqi occupation by young American soldiers who are being exposed to depleted uranium particulates while i sit on my ass and type this message..

as an american resident i am also responsible for petroleum consumptione even though i don't drive an SUV, every time i purchase plastic it is a byproduct of the petrochemical industry..

when the DuPont monopoly of petroleum derived plastic production began, hemp was outlawed. Local hemp farmers could have owned and operated their means of bioplastics production on a local level, instead of the centrally controlled petrochemical plastics monopoly. The amount of land used 2 grow hemp would be minimal if the plants were grown inbetween other edible food plants with intercropping. Hemp fiber contains cellulose (polymer chain of identical molecules) that can be formed into biodegradable plastic (instead of choking dolphins with plastic bag ocean debris), something Monsanto and the biotech corporations have known for years..

genetically engineered hemp seeds distributed by Monsanto would keep control in the hands of the corporations, similar to petroleum corporations purchasing solar photovoltiac manufacturing companies and transfer of wealth from Enron to Calpine (natural gas), British Petroleum to Pacific Natural Gas Consortium (Bolivia), etc..

When the need for hemp products (plastic, paper, clothes, etc) grows stronger and the c-voices of the people grow louder, Monsanto will attempt to harness this social momentum by offering their genetically engineered hemp seeds as rapid growing, pest resistant alternative, grown by a friendly agribusiness corporation near you. Imagine how tempting their first commercial will sound to the weary television watchers so tired of hearing about the "war for oil" in Iraq..

homepage: homepage: http://www.lngwatch.com/

US export: Coup d'etat 22.Feb.2004 15:08


The situation on the ground looks to be caused at least in part by forces backed by covert action/programs in the Dominican Rep. US backed "opposition" is set to overthrow the Aristide government through direct force, and disinfo in the press here is to confuse the issue.This looks like part two of the early 90's. No country is to be allowed independence in the western hemisphere. Not Venezuela, not Colombia, Bolivia, and, if they can manage it, not Cuba. Damn the bloody imperialistic thugs.