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Progressive Radio Station Shut Down by Free Traders.

Radio for Peace International (RFPI) the only world wide progressive short wave voice broadcasting to rural and third world communities has been evicted by the UN's University for Peace (U-Peace) in Cost Rica.
If you live in a community anywhere in the world without a community radio station or internet access your only choice for progressive short wave radio coverage of world events has been RFPI.

With content provided by the beginning days of indymedia in 1999 RFPI broadcast to the world the events leading up to the collapse of the WTO meetings in Seattle. RFPI has also covered the negative impacts of the IMF and the World Bank on developing countries and has been the only anti-hate voice on short wave radio.  http://www.rfpi.org/vista/frrr-vista.html

After U-Peace was taken over by free traders a few years ago they tried to cooped the control of RFPI with phony offers of monetary support. After that failed and then after a lengthy stand off RFPI was in November 03 evicted from the building they built with listener donated funds on the campus of U-Peace.

RFPI Internet radio broadcasts have now resumed at  http://www.rfpi.org and there are plans to resume short wave broadcasting as soon as a money can be raised to purchase a secure plot of transmitter friendly land. Temporary studios are now operating in San Jose and the alternative media training program is about to start up again, turning out native radio journalists that will be reporting news from all over the Americas and the third world.

RFPI needs $250K to get this important progressive voice back on short wave in rural and third world communities. Please send whatever you can spare today to:
RFPI, PO Box 3165, Newberg, OR 97132. Or click on the PayPal logo at  http://www.rfpi.org Donations are 501c3 income tax deductible.

More information can be found at the below links.

Earth Islands The-Edge tells the story in detail.

Listener support and comment site.

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homepage: homepage: http://www.rfpi.org
address: address: PO Box 3165, Newberg, OR 97132