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want some good gossip on Repiglicans?

GAY SEX SCANDAL? Will that do for today? Not that I'm against gay sex
at all! Just that I'm against the double-standard hypocracy that seems
to define Republicanism today...here we have California Gov. Swazinigger
decrying gay marriages on FOX News and in Texas we got Gov. Perry in a
"delicate situation". It's DOUBLE-STANDARDS and blatant hypocracy!
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Gov. Perry Sex Scandal Brewing Current rating: 0
by . (No verified email address) 18 Feb 2004
Modified: 10:13:01 PM
Source #1: "I attended a political meeting this morning at which it was reported that Governor Perry's wife has left the Governor's Mansion in Austin. The alleged reason was that she found the governor in bed with another man. If true, discussions of gay issues are likely to take a higher profile in Texas in the coming weeks."

Source #2: "I did not want to say anything until it hit the mainstream press, but I have known about that for more than a week."

Source #3: "...the rumors about Perry and Secretary of State Connor (the alleged paramour) have been "swirling" since January. The governor's office is being very evasive."

For photos of the paramour go to  http://www.sos.state.tx.us/about/sosbio.shtml
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