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peacecoup.us - Saving Democracy from Crooked Capitalism

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The political battle for peace, democracy, and legitimate markets will be lost if we present the face of crooked capitalism to the world.

Leaders of crooked capitalism promote a war of all against all where economic value is the main value of life. Peace is not the goal and democracy is seen as an obstacle.

The strategies of crooked capitalism include the corruption of democracy, monopolized information, constant fear mongering, secrecy, authority auctions, and the intentional bankrupting of communities to further weaken democracy.

The Olympics can be a peaceful sporting event where legitimate competition maintains a healthy Olympic community.

However, if some athletes focus only on the gold medal with no respect for the Olympic community, then these athletes will cheat, use steroids, bribe judges, disable competitors, undermine standards, and claim all along that the reality of modern day competition forces them to take such actions.

The biggest bribes and most ruthless tactics win the gold medals while the Olympic community is weakened or destroyed.

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