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Repost Link: Head In The Clouds...(My Chemtrails Recant)

Since the debate rages on, I thought it might be prudent to repost the results of my own year-long look into this confusing and somewhat daunting topic.

I write from Calcutta presently, but that does not deter me from attempting to infuse some sanity into an issue that has previously ensnared me with its unique brand of environmental paranoia.

If you are worried about chemtrails, there is much in the way of atmospheric meddling by the US government that should concern you that is actually, without a doubt, occuring. Like the Highly Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP). Fans of From the Wilderness should note that Mike Ruppert lists Angels Don't Play This HAARP on his website. I have not been able to find anyone whose research in other areas I trust that supports the chemtrail conspiracy.

Heck, the chemtrails conspiracy could be disinformation surrounding HAARP for all I know. Having spent (too much) time with the issue, I now only revist it to share the information I spent gathering that eventually convinced me that what we see are infrequent, yet frequent enough, natural phenomenon.

If paranoia and "deep politics" are a drug to you like they are to me, here's a few of my favorite sites that provide insight into the looking glass world that your civics teacher failed to inform you about. Perhaps I am just trying to show that I have got conspiracy 'cred and have not abandoned unpopular and arcane ideas...just the ones that are not true.


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