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The Ice Cream Socialists present: Ashes, Ashes, We All Melt Down

It's Ash Wednesday on the 25th folks, come celebrate it with the ever blasphemous Ice Cream Socialist at The Devil's Point on 52nd and Foster. The Show starts at 8 o'clock, to miss it would be a sin.
Ash Wednesday is a day to remember your sins...ah sinning, glorious, glorious sinning... oh and um, to feel sorrow and repentance for them, try to improve yourself through the example of Jesus Christ and to enjoy the Ice Cream Socialists as they take on the life and times of Jesus, Pontius Pilot, and the Catholic Church.
If you haven't sinned yet, you will on Wednesday night. Avarice, Lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, vanity, if you want it, you can get it here folks.
Meet the real Pontius Pilot, whitness Jesus' strugle on the cross, see an honest to God Catholic School Girl and confess your sins to a Judas Preist, all accompanied by the etherial sounds of Der Oomph, the Socialists' charismatic and extremely talented band.
Devout Catholics need not attend, as they will be extremely offended and alienated, however, if you have ever felt contempt for the religous right, the holier than thou attitude of most christians, come and help us make fun of all of it, the Chuch, the "history", the man, Jesus Christ, who died for you and me, but who aked him anyway? Be there, Wednesday, February 25th, Eight PM, the Devil's Point, 52nd and SE Foster Road, or be square.