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House votes for ignition interlocks on every vehicle

Santa Fe-AP) - The House has approved a measure that would require ignition interlocks on every vehicle sold in New Mexico.
It would require the devices on new vehicles by 2008 and on used vehicles offered for sale by 2009.

Ignition interlocks prevent vehicles from being started when the driver is drunk.

The measure's sponsor, Grants Democrat Ken Martinez, says it would save lives.

He says putting ignition interlocks on every car, truck and commercial vehicle would shift the focus from punishment to prevention.

New Mexico already requires ignition interlocks for some convicted drunken drivers.

Opponents complain that requiring them on every vehicle would be costly to businesses and to the vast majority of citizens, who obey the law.

The bill now goes to the Senate.

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Source: http://www.kobtv.com/html/8646.html
Question 22.Feb.2004 10:26


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