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Anybody have any experiences with HIPPA?
reading the confidentiality I read that there are some exceptions REQUIRED by state law, fedral and HIPPA.

There are actually alot, what stood out to me was;

1) The client's mental condition becomes an issue in a lawsuit

2) For other goverment, peer review or regulatory practices.

So if I file a lawsuit against leats say..... a Police dept. or any other goverment agency; if I spill my guts to a theripst, they I file a suite 30 years later; then that info his testimony can be used in court?

do I even have to explain #2?

bush admin spin 21.Feb.2004 15:37


HIPAA was originally designed to protect the privacy of patient information. However, after Bushco got into office, they totally turned it around so that now your medical information is available to insurance companies, reseachers, government agencies, basically anyone with money and power who wants access to your info.

Hillary Clinton is selling our medical privacy 21.Feb.2004 16:53


Hillary Clinton seems to be promoting a bill to make our medical records electronic. Sounds like MORE help for the insurance companies to deny our claims and for doctors to spill our private info. Also, my mother's nursing home (Granada in Eureka, CA) was THRILLED to discover that I, the abuse whistle-blower do not have mom's medical power of attorney. They are distorting the intent of the HIPPA laws to hide their incompetence from my prying eyes.

HIPAA offers little to no privacy 21.Feb.2004 18:19

Medical worker

HIPAA offers little to no medical privacy.

Electronic medical systems have lame security. Patient information might have a high security level, but the doctor could leave a computer unattended and an unauthorized medical worker could view your sensitive data, or the hospital could use a password that grants full access to private records. A program might print patient results to a printer located in a public area.

When hospitals have problems with medical software, they often send back live data to whoever maintains the software. The debuggers can see actual histories of actual patients. Many people in the medical industry have no discretion. They see a result and shout to everyone in the room: "Hahaha, John Doe has clamydia, uh-oh, let's call him up and blackmail him and make him pay us money or we'll tell his wife he was fooling around..."

Much medical software is outsourced to India and other countries, where it's harder to crack down on privacy violations. What's to stop a rogue worker in India from stealing records of American patients and posting them in public places?

Many nurses and other medical personnel share confidential patient results with other people.

The people who use the errant spelling "HIPPA" have lots of company. A high-ranking manager with probably 20 years of medical experience wrote a long paper on changes to a medical information system to be compliant with the new regulations. Throughout the document, he wrote "HIPPA" instead of the proper "HIPAA".

Being one of the 50+ million Americans without health insurance, I have the good fortune of not being in any position to have medical privacy violated!

Privacy 21.Feb.2004 23:13


If you see a therapist, don't use medical insurance and ask them not to take notes. Find an individual self-employed therapist, not someone who works at a clinic. Tell them you don't want them discussing you with anyone else, including other therapists, coworkers or employees like secretaries. My feeling is that therapists cost too much anyway. Too bad. When I'm freaking out, usually because of financial stress, I talk to friends, write about it in my journal, or just grit my teeth and wait for it to pass. I wouldn't recommend that, however, if you have a mental illness or are suicidal.

Don't tell your doctor anything personal that you can avoid, especially anything you wouldn't want other people to know. A lot of patients are lying to their doctors to protect their privacy. Most doctors are now corporate employees.

If you need to get tested for HIV, go to Planned Parenthood. They will test you and give you a number so you can get the results, so you don't have to tell them your name. If you want a piece of paper to show your potential lover, however, you still have to give them your name.

Pick the right doctor 22.Feb.2004 18:44

as ususal

My brother is a psychotherapist and I asked him about the privacy issue and access to his patients records. He said its no big deal because he just puts notes in patients records that say "patient discussed relationship issues" period-no other information. Now that's like the double set of business records, one for the IRS and one to make sure you're not really losing money. Illegal laws drive honest people to do what's necessary in order to do what right.

to pay or not to pay 19.Oct.2005 00:17

CA aluther@seark.net

does anyone else have to pay to see or get copys of thier test results and or xrays i am having to pay usualy 50 bucks fo my test result an exrays .and the last dr physoligist refueses to give up any such results, is this what the hipaa law wwas meant to be. if so shame shame on this country have agreat day