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Vote Kerry, Maybe

vote kerry if you must. i probably will too, when it comes right down to it, but who knows? all's i know is that john kerry will not save us or the U.S. if you think john kerry will bring back a pre-911, pre-market bubble burst feeling of that good ol' "irrational exhuberance" (federal reserve chairman alan greenspan, circa 1999), forget it.

at best, i see a 'landslide' 'election' in favor of kerry in 2004. (IF the ballot machines can be wrested from the hands of Choicepoint, et al, by then.) great, the people will have spoken: "get the fuck out of here, george!"

but kerry is only a 'kinder, gentler' form of new world order, from the liberal wing of the same frat (literally!) that gave us george w. bush. the idea will still be to steal our civil and human rights, only this time while you're not looking, like it's been done for years. the idea will still be to steal the natural resources of the 'third world' and imprison its people, only this time with a less brutal expression on our face.

but remember this: we need to end the war on iraq, the 'war on terror', and the 'war on drugs', among other things. we need to rebuild our own nation. we need free and/or affordable health care. (I NEED FREE OR AFFORDABLE, QUALITY HEALTH CARE! how about you?) we need to get out of the wto, nafta, and stop pushing ftaa. we need to take back the airwaves. we need to free the Internet from massive government and corporate surveillance. we need to free ourselves from a self-imposed world view that constricts itself around us more and more each year, while enriching a powerful few, who happen to be the ones tightening the screws. (OK, this is a short list. it's friday, i've got things to do...)

will john kerry really do, or help us do, ANY of this? i think not, puff-chested campaign lies notwithstanding and dan rather.

CAN any person that we will have been given a 'choice' about in this 'election' season do ANY of this? (well, perhaps, one or 2 of them, in some small way.) but this is not a campaign announcement, just a thought for the day.

when mcjobs, 'pre-emptive war' as an option, and just how tough you can be on terrorists and 'terrorists' are the main, if not the only, issues raised to the general public in the 2004 campaign, one thing is true: things MIGHT get a little better on their face with bush out of the white house, but with kerry they are not going to be much better, where it counts, at all.

the changes we need are massive; nothing short of a complete rethinking and retooling of our role and potential as americans of all colors, classes, and backgrounds.
mabye not 20.Feb.2004 19:41


I'd rather vote in bozo the clown than vote for one of two war-pig frat brothers. I probably will, too.

dissillusioned 20.Feb.2004 20:43


yes, i need health care and my friends need health care and public education sucks and the prisons and headstart and the elderly and the homeless and the mentally ill need a compassionate heart/funding from the feds, but -

goddamn it, "j.f.k." voted for the fucking war, and i just can't get over that! there were millions of us on the streets, knowing full well there were no w.m.d., and kerry knew that too. i can't help but think that kerry voted "yes" considering his presidential bid. of course, speculation is speculation - but one fact resounds; thousands of american and iraq hearts have stopped beating forever. sorry to sound so melodramatic, but i just can't excuse kerry's lack of integrity. if elected, i suspect his "spineless" decisions will continue. i'm going to vote for the "unelectable" in the oregon primary.

Expose the posers 20.Feb.2004 21:08


The Center for Public Integrity: "The idea that Kerry has not helped or benefited from a specific special interest, which he has said, is utterly absurd. Anyone who gets millions of dollars over time, and thousands of dollars from specific donors, knows there's a symbiotic relationship. He needs the donors' money. The donors need favors. Welcome to Washington. That's how it works."Oh yes. The AP also reported that "at least three times in his Senate career, (Kerry) has recommended individuals for positions at federal home loan banks just before or after receiving political contributions from the nominees."

Help expose the posers

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