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Wyden at OHSU tomorrow, only happy people invited

What: Lecture with Ron Wyden
Where: OHSU
When: Saturday, Feb 21st at 3-6pm
Admission: Free!
WARNING! Only those who support OHSU policies will be free to enter and leave at will.
As part of their bafflingly self-promotional "brain awareness season," OHSU is presenting a series of lectures and other activities centering around neuroscientific research and star power. The latest will feature Ron Wyden (what does he have to do with neuroscience? I don't know either), and will be tomorrow afternoon. Now, I know, neuroscience is a really fascinating subject, and your aunt petunia has some disease that she's sure benefitted from all the primates whose brains were gouged out at OHSU and yadda yadda yadda. And I'm all for finding cures for ailments and all that.

BUT, OHSU has been in the habit of brutalizing monkies and apes, rats and mice, insects, dogs, (yes, dogs!), sheep, cats, guinea pigs, horses, and anything else they can get their hands on for many years, and all their experiments seem to revolve around bringing ever more funding into the school rather than around curing anything. Trust me on this. The blood they have spilled in the past 40 years can never be undone, and they have very little to show for it all.

So this is why it's such a good thing they are sponsoring this series, and that there is no admission charge. So, if anyone wanted to go see what they were up to, they could probably take the #8 bus from downtown and ride it up the hill and go to this lecture tomorrow.

Now, here's where the news part comes in though. Rumor has it that security (or SOMEONE) has requested that an area be cleaned out and prepared as a holding pen for anyone who might get out of line. Seems they want to keep all unfriendly faces away from the telecast event. After all, this is a very important public relations moment for OHSU, and they take it very seriously. That's right, they're very, very concerned that someone might show up speak the truth.

So as I write this, people are cleaning out an area in the bowels of the facility to put you in, should you show up with less than a cheerful grin and a "go OHSU" attitude. So whatever you do, make sure you don't wear any funny costumes, bring any signs, carry in any noisemakers.... And make sure you don't ask Senator Wyden any embarrassing questions, make sure you don't ask about all the animals they've killed in the past 40 years. Don't say anything negative about OHSU. And whatEVER you do, don't make a ruckus! That would be rude. And ESPECIALLY don't go up there and politely exercise your right to free speech, because it would make them look really bad if they laid hands on people for that, and they want to look really good for PR purposes.

Oh, and bring a camera. (And remember, they illegally keep files on all activists, even those not suspected of any illegal activities. If you visit there, you will surely have your picture and personal details placed in a [GASP!] file somewhere.) Be wise, and be warned.

You may visit their website at  http://www.oregonbrains.org/outreach/baw/events/town_hall.shtml
for more information and to register for this event.
An open Letter to Wyden and the shitmongers 21.Feb.2004 09:46

Migratory Bird

Ugh, I wish I could go kick their ass but I am not in PDX right now.

Ok, what is weird is this brain awareness promotion that does allow in dialogue outside the box. No brain stimulation is allowed only the awareness that we might in fact be capable of such a dialogue. I get it. And the highest butchering ape award goes to Wyden their lobby monkey of the day. Look at his cold smile, his bloody hands as he tries to wipe them off against the skin of another in a human slime embrace that "apes" a handshake. Ahh, but we do know better.... you are vile wyden. Sick. Sick!

Foul lies of the sick doctors all to further the chemical industries pollution of our bodies, minds and spirits laying waste to our fragile ecosytstems.

YOU ARE FILTH WYDEN! I would love to throw my own feces on you any self respecting human would. For you are a shit pile. This is my open dissent, an image of you hidden under mounds of feces and banana peels, like an animal under duress I have blanketed you in my waste.

But You Can't 21.Feb.2004 14:46


> Ugh, I wish I could go kick their ass but I am not in PDX right now.

Right, like if you were here, then you could? Where are you currently exercising your awesome power?

Mystery Employee 21.Feb.2004 21:16


You made a great escape without being noticed. Glad I could help. Hope to see you at other OHSU protests.

Masked worker? 22.Feb.2004 19:32

Was just passing by

Yeah,who was that masked man/woman at the protest?Do they really work for OHSU?