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Peak Oil? Hooey!

Please disregard all you hear about so called peak oil
The dipstick in the Durango reads "full" and the Chevron pumps are open. Thanks to my man Mr. Bush and his Real Estate partner Mr. Blair, we are acquiring lands overseas that are chock full of oil that is now all ours. Caribou in Alaska have proven to thrive on oil stained tundra. Shrimp in the gulf have shown to be much larger and tastier that spawn near the off-shore wells. (They actually save on oil because they are self-frying!) Fossil fuel exploration is just starting and knows no bounds. As evidence I offer two little words.....Spirit and Opportunity.

Peak oil is no more real than SARS or the Bird Flu. A disease from Chickens? Yeah, right. Colonel Sanders handled thousands of birds and never had a cold until he was 93.
phew! 20.Feb.2004 17:13

empire slayer

thanks for clearing that up "john"! i was going to downsize my lifestyle, but now i think i am gonna SUPERSIZE the whole enchilada, bigger house, bigger car, just MORE CRAP! ignore the man behind the curtain, get in line and shop as usual, all will be JUST FINE...

excellent points 20.Feb.2004 17:15

just keep looking fer that oil, it's out there

"we", as in texaco and shell oil, are only drilling for oil very close to land. just keep building those deep sea rigs taller and taller, "we'll" keep finding the oil. it simply has not gotten profitable for "us" to drill in the deep sea; it's just too easy for "us" to take over the lands of iraq, nigeria, etc. to drill for the cheap oil under their soil. why buy it when you can take it? that's what 'free' trade is all about, yo?

people who are more than willing to get 8 miles a gallon to sit in their traffic jams will pay $5 or $10 a gallon, or more, to keep the oil flowing. one day only movie stars, corporate ceos, and professional sports players will be able to afford gas, but they deserve it don't they? i mean, they're STARS!!

btw, colonel sanders may not have gotten his first cold at 93, but he also didn't get any shares of stock in kentucky fried chicken when his idea was franchised. that's right, the people who masterminded the mass murder of billions of finger lickin' chickens cut the colonel out of the multi-billions they made spreading the colonel's idea around the planet.

"massive aerosol spraying" is hooey, too! 20.Feb.2004 17:17

S. C. Johnson

massive aerosol spraying is a bunch of hooey, too! this shot taken in portland at 5:00 PM (2/20/04) after a day-long skyshow of symetrical lines... must be "contrails" or somethin!~

hmmmm 20.Feb.2004 21:46


so bird flu is just a bunch of hooey, well why not ask some vietnamese families who raise chickens about it. yes col sanders never got it, but then again that was a hell of a long time ago. he never got aids either, so i guess aids is just a bunch of hooey also.
john you are dim

Yes peak oil is fake 21.Feb.2004 04:09


Read the comments under the story on the indymedia newswire for a different perspective then that being exposed here. It looks like oil shortage is again being manufactured for our continued fleecing.

http:www.gasresources.net/energy resources.htm

thanks ksldnvglkn 21.Feb.2004 08:35


i'm glad there's always someone like you, ksldnvglkn, someone who has a stick lodged so firmly and deeply up their asses they can't take (or recognize) a joke. xoxoxo

good 21.Feb.2004 09:15



Who is John? 24.Feb.2004 11:47

No more oil wars

John makes lite of an extremely important issue. If he is correct why is it that discoveries have been declining since the early '70s? We use 4 barrels for every one that we find. Petroleum is used to make virtually everything we eat, touch, or use. Whose interests are looking out for John?