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Fox news busts cop in sexual predator sting

Whoever said that capitalism would eventually devour itself was right on. This is the funniest thing I've read in weeks.
this link froze on me 20.Feb.2004 18:01

is it active?


the face, it is classic 20.Feb.2004 18:45



It was perverted-justice.com 20.Feb.2004 19:19


It was the great folks at perverted-justice.com who did the work, not Fox 12. They do grat direct action against internet peodophiles.

and this guy is a what?...a cop here in Portland? 21.Feb.2004 13:27

get real!

Isn't it strange times we live in? On one day, the local news is providing citizen's details of
a perverted cop, and another channel is showing that gasbag Mayor decrying citizen's wanting a
known crazy-cop off the force. Talk about an upside-down world, old Vera has given us one as
she slip-slides on out the door in her lame duck term. The double-ugly old Hussey is CRAZY!

Confusing 21.Feb.2004 15:45

Sixteen Candles

So, was he trying to hook up with a "teenage girl" or a "child"? Or do FOX12 undercover sting operators not make that distinction?

Child or teen... 22.Feb.2004 01:58

PJ observer

Perverted Justice usually pose their girls to be between 12 and 14. That's just from my limited observation. To some that's a child, to some a teen, or both.