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good input on infoshop.org remy site

A man on infoshop.org has unraveled a lot of this...apparently SEATTLELIVEMUSIC.NET, owned by Ben Schroeter, OWNS my legal domain name against my will, and got it under fraud...
This comment posted on Infoshop re this says it all really...

"Hi all. Never been here before but was brought by ICANNWatching via google news daily spew of content containing 'ICANN', in a rush so sorry I'm not providing clickable links.<p>Will write Kristen privately regarding some things to do about this, but as this site seems to be doing good things I thought I might provide a few facts that could be of some use. If all this is known, sorry for the intrusion.<p>First, if you go to whois.net you can look up the contact info (WHOIS) for a domain name. Looking up kirstenanderberg.com I see that all the contacts, admin, tech, etc. belong to the same entity. Doing a google search on the name of the individual (from what is currently at kirstenanderberg.com) and the email address I am given this:<p> http://seattlelivemusic.homestead.com/files/Publicity_Cover_Page.htm<p>so I guess we know who 'owns' the domain. It doesn't matter much what the rest of the contact info is, unless you're at the other end of the email addy in the contact info,
you can't make any changes to any of the contact info (nor are you likely to have a password with the domain name registrar to get into the account).<p>Second, I am unclear from the article but it seems to me we may also be talking apples and oranges, kirstenanderberg.com right now redirects to:<p> http://seattlelivemusic.homestead.com/files/Kirsten.htm</a>, a part of homestead.com (which is now a free 30 trial but which used to be a free site), the password to which subsite 'seattlelivemusic' is possibly the password that Kirsten was given, or it may have been some other site (I tried it in archive.org, a handy site which caches old copies of websites, a handy thing to know when some multinat tries to flush online evidence down the memory hole like Winston Smith, without success) but unless Kirsten is 'seattlelivemusic' with homestead, I think Kirsten will never have total control of even that. Sorry, to reiterate, a homestead password is <b>not</b> the same as a domain regi
strar password, even if Kristen had the former it wouldn't matter regarding 'control' of the domain name, the owner in the WHOIS can just point elsewhere (tho Kirsten <i>could</i> file a complaint with homestead and perhaps they'd remove the site, and if it moves elsewhere, file another complaint, etc.).<p>Second, active-domain.com is <b>not</a> an icann accredited registrar, see the list here:<p> http://www.icann.org/registrars/accredited-list.html<p>they are a reseller for an ICANN accredited registrar, so complaining to them (according to WHOIS they're in Singapore, I wonder if Kirsten was actually given their number) is pointless. BTW, the reason I'm doing this is that I believe Kirsten's version of events and think that the other individual is just playing games.<p>Third, the UDRP Kirsten was told about is true enough so far as it goes (do a search at icann.org for UDRP to learn more) but it costs at least $750 to file a complaint and takes tons of paperwork and research
and perhaps months to get a ruling which may well not be in your favour, so that seems pointless too.<p>Finally, the reason I am publishing this here is some folks here may be interested in the activities of ICANN. They were created by the USG and remain under its control, they are a price fixing cartel for registrars and registries who also exert some control, and they are also controlled by the megacorps who want to control what bits go where on this internet thingie.<p> Owning the rights to control domain names, which they do, and the underlying IP addresses, eg:, which they do, and the port numbers (like port 43 for WHOIS, meaning they control your email, peer to peer file sharing, etc. so you don't even have to own a domain name to be under their control) which they do, means that they exert tremendous, all but total control of the internet. They've been at this for years now and so far it's the velvet glove over the iron fist, but every year it is tigh
tening. Anyway, I'm also fnord over at ICANNWatch.org, a site dedicated to watching these characters. Please do a bit of research on all this as once they exert more control (you wouldn't believe some of the laws and legislation coming down the pike in the US and the European Union), we'll be back to the phone and snail mail in terms of activism (and of course they're controlled too).<p>Kirsten, laptop battery is running out (I jack into the net from obscure places), so it may be a few hours but will email you privately regarding things you can do. Hope this formats ok, no preview button. Peace. -g

For details, see  http://www.infoshop.org/inews/stories.php?story=04/02/19/8521838"

And here is my infoshop response to that comment and I DO encourage this call-in idea to at least determine WHY SeatteLiveMusic.net is holding my website hostage...


This guy, since you outed him, Ben Schroeter, owner of SeattleLiveMusic.net, said he was doing well in business (to impress me apparently) and wanted to buy me a free URL with my name since he knew me as a successful performer for years, which I was before a writer...I thought he was saying he was buying ME MY OWN LEGAL NAME DOMAIN, not he was getting legal rights to my legal domain name by registering it into HIS URL or whatever the hell this man is trying to do! (And I have to wonder how many other people's domain names are now owned by Ben and SeattleMusicLive.net without them realizing it, thinking that he bought them Active-Domain sites, not realizing he has a little cache of people's accounts he is controlling behind his little curtain) I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER EVER have agreed to SELL BEN SCHROETER MY LEGAL NAME DOMAIN. NOT AT ALL. AND THIS IS A CASE OF FRAUD ON MANY LEVELS IN MY OPINION, which is why Active-Domain could easily stop this right now due to Ben's BREACH of
contract with Active-Domain.com by selling this to me via fraud. I thought I owned my name, under Active-domain.com. Apparently I BOUGHT my own name and SOLD IT TO SEATTLELIVEMUSIC.NET WITHOUT CONSENT!??

When I first caught him in this unethical administration heist issue months ago, he rabidly called me a control freak, told me a laundry list of personal problems I must have and then said I had "TOTAL CONTROL" of my site, I was making a big deal out of nothing, and all I had to do was change my password and then he would be locked out completely and until this week, I assumed that was the end of it. Until Feb 2004, I thought I owned www.kirstenanderberg.com (AND BY THE WAY, I DID PAY HIM BACK FOR WHAT HE OFFERED FOR FREE SINCE APPARENTLY ONCE I DID NOT F*CK HIM OR SOMETHING, HE CHANGED HIS TUNE AND DEMANDED I PAY...), I thought I had all administrative control as Ben said.

But I caught him in his fraud and lies and domain swiping this week. When I asked for contact info for Active-Domain.com, he went right into my site and did whatever he wanted against my will. When I busted him, he got abusive, calling me a control freak, saying I had emotional problems and OUTRIGHT SAYING HE IS NOT RELINQUISHING ADMINISTRATOR LOCKOUT OF ME ON MY OWN SITE, and hanging up on me!!!!!!!


Ben, ironically, has a famous CIVIL RIGHTS/ACLU attorney in Seattle as his father yet he is committing bizaree trips like this that violate CIVIL RIGHTS and the law, in my opinion. Got to wonder what his dad thinks re his son doing this!!! And yeah, I am not in the least worried that he has an attorney dad. Any attorney looking at this will see the complications and I am sure his dad sees it too, so I am NOT worried re him getting free legal counsel from his daddy, because I feel I am on FIRM FOOTING, I DID NOTHING WRONG, AND I AM DEFINITELY DAMAGED BY THIS. I have done nothing but ASK BEN SCHROETER TO STOP HIJACKING MY WEBSITE NOW.


I did not want to name the guy, but since the last comment outed him, I see no reason to hide. I did nothing wrong.

So I guess the lesson is - beware of SeattleLiveMusic.net or Ben Schroeter offering to GIVE YOU FREE DOMAIN HOSTING OF YOUR OWN LEGAL NAME VIA ACTIVE-DOMAIN.COM!!!!!!!!!! You may end up like me, begging for your own name...and retracing all your steps in humiliation...And, people out there, if YOU have had Ben buy you a domain, you need to look into WHO owns your administrative controls RIGHT NOW. And do not ask BEN, ask Active-Domain.com as Ben has lied to me re this repeatedly.


Again, this is about $10.
Active-Domain.com apparently sold Ben Schroeter OR SeattleLiveMusic.net MY LEGAL NAME AS A DOMAIN AGAINST MY WILL for $10. Not sure that is even legal. I believe the legal term for this is domain swiping. When I brought this to Active-Domain's attention, all they keep saying is Ben has to relinquish the administrative control himself.

Perhaps we need a writein campaign, yeah, let's do that.

Please send emails to Active-Domain.com on my behalf at  support@active-domain.com. Please ask them to release my website domain www.kirstenanderberg.com from SeattleLiveMusic.net/Ben Schroeter's administrative control as per MY request, as you would like to see me get back to researching and writing political articles, instead of retracing all my steps cleaning up the mess Ben Schroeter is making.

Please write SeattleLiveMusic.net and ask that Ben Schroeter, OWNER, quit playing power trips on a local writer and RELEASE ALL ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL VIA A REQUEST IN WRITING TO ACTIVE-DOMAIN.COM so that Kirsten can get back to writing instead of relinking everything all over...you may say I have asked you to write, you may say I have ASKED for MY OWN ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL, as he is apparently trying to front this off that I WANT THIS. AGAIN, NO I DO NOT WANT BEN SCHROETER TO OWN MY URL AND LEGAL NAME. NO. DO NOT LET HIM TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

There is something called DOMAIN SWIPING. You cannot buy someone's legal name and then sell it back to them or hold it for ransom. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON HERE AND LET ME MAKE IT VERY VERY CLEAR - I have NEVER EVER given Ben Schroeter permission to OWN www.kirstenanderberg.com. I have NEVER EVER given Ben Schroeter legal permission TO ENTER MY LEGAL NAME DOMAIN, EVER. On the contrary, I have told him REPEATEDLY THAT HE IS NOT WELCOME INSIDE MY SITE, yet there is where he stays to date. WHY IS HE THERE? GOOD QUESTION. Ask him yourself! I cannot figure it out at all except it is a freakin weird power control trip I cannot make sense of. Is it about $10? I WILL PAY AGAIN. I WILL PAY HIM $10 AGAIN, I WILL PAY ACTIVE-DOMAIN $10 again, which would mean I had paid then, $40 for a $10 URL domain I was offered for FREE, but WHATEVER. It is worth $40 to not have to reroute all links out there of my published work.

So far, I have been humilitated by having to approach Utne Reader, Z Net, IMCs, and a slew of publications I am in to change the website link...It is absolutely embarrasing. And I have to wonder what this is about. If it is not that Ben is just a pathetic character who is unethical and has strange control issues over women he does not know, I have to admit I have wondered if this is somehow connected with police wanting to screw with me somehow because my site is radical, my articles are anti-authoritarian and it just makes me wonder what the motivation for all this is! WHY?! Why doesn't Ben just sign off on my legal name account completely? Why is he demanded control in my life? If it involved cops, it could be this was to throw me off track, delay some of my writing, to disable me before the RNC protests, or the election or what? It has definitely hurt me in many ways, as my links on all my published works go to Ben Schroeter and SeattleLiveMusic.net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



For details, see  http://www.infoshop.org/inews/stories.php?story=04/02/19/8521838

homepage: homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/la3/kirstenanderberg
address: address: Seattle, WA

To clarify the crap that was placed here by Kirsten 19.Jun.2007 04:10

Ben Schroeter ben@benschroeter.com

To be short and to the point:

Kirsten's rants and baseless lies about me were published on her site(s) and others such as here. Because her statements were false, Kirsten was ordered to remove any and all mention of me from all sites on the internet by a King County District Court Judge. She complied with the order, but has no control over this indymedia site - so it lingers here and festers and continues to smirch my good name.

For all the help that I gave to over a dozen artists with the setting up of their domains, Kirsten was the only one who was unhappy with my assistance. Please note that you will not find a single other person anywhere on the internet to complain about anything I've ever done. That must mean something no?


Ben Schroeter