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with three short films followed by a presentation from members of the Portland chapter of the NYM
In the words of a Portland NYM member: This is "a fundraiser for our NYM brother who's in jail because he was defending the land against colonizers that were oppressing the people through building a ski resort on native land. The natives called in warriors to back them up, and he answered the call to go and support the people. He went because his heart told him to, in spite of his probation. We are getting him out because of his heart, not because he fucked up and didn't report. We help our people, who help us. I'm stressing that Hawk did a lot of helping on the land when people weren't on the land. He stayed the longest at the protection center and he had spiritual experiences there on the mountain. He stayed there even when it was snowing and nobody wanted to stay there. That took a lot of heart to do that. We can't leave him in jail when he came to help when the elders needed help and people needed him at that time to hold down the camp... .HE NEEDS OUR HELP NOW. So we're asking for all peoples support on this matter urgently. He's a political prisoner in jail for helping his people. We need for you to see this."

The films that will be shown are:

Roadblock: The name speaks for itself. This is a film about Native people up in kkklanada who fight powerful corporations attempting to build ski resorts on Native land by setting up roadblocks to disrupt business-as-usual.

Skwekwekwelt Protection Center: This film is also about the struggles that Native people are having with the occupying forces. The Skwekwekwelt Protection Center is a place that Natives established in order to educate the people to boycott the ski resorts, and to resist the system that wants to remove peoples from their land. Skwekwekwelt is a sacred mountain to the Secwepemc people. Companies want to use if for their own purposes to make profit but some folks can't tolerate that.

Taking Back The Land: This film, like the others, documents different actions that have been taken by the Native Youth Movement and others in order to fight for the land.

This event will be held at 7pm at the Grower's Market Building at 454 Willamette, on Saturday, February 28th.

This is a benefit so we will be asking for donations of at least $2. For more info, please contact the Break the Chains collective at:  breakthechains02@yahoo.com