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Halliburton Executive Leads Denver neo-Nazi Group

Senior Market Analyst for Halliburton is the Western States Regional Coordinator for the violent neo-Nazi group, the National Alliance
The so-called "Western States Regional Coordinator" for the violent, neo-Nazi group the National Alliance, is an executive in the Houston-based Halliburton corporation. Roger Williams used to run the National Alliance Houston office but the senior Market Analyst for Halliburton transfered to Denver a couple years ago. He and about a dozen skinheads set up shop here in Colorado and created a "unit" for the National Alliance in 2002.

Williams and his crew have put on "White Power" concerts in Denver and are responsible for putting out racist flyers in Eagle after the Kobe Bryant arrest.

We always wondered why the feds never really bothered to investigate this heavily armed hate group here in Denver. Now we know. As it turns out, the Denver leader is an executive for one of the Bush administrations' biggest donors.

A detailed expose on Roger Williams and the National Alliance was recently published by the One People Project:

homepage: homepage: http://www.onepeoplesproject.com/williamsroger.html

Nazis at Halliburton? who would of guessed? 20.Feb.2004 05:17


I wonder how many dozen neo nazis are left in this country anyway? Whats wrong did Jerry Springer stop paying them to appear on his show?

I'd bet if enough people called Halliburton and the White House, he'd get canned. Ah, Israel's little helpers, the neo-nazis.