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Local Bluesy Acoustic Artist Kate White to debut at BACK TO BACK CAFE

we are proud to host an amazing, passionate acoustic artist from this area-the show is march 12 from 7-9pm-we serve beer, wine, fair trade/organic coffe, and yummy vegan/vegetarian food. come and support local music and your community-
The show is March 12 from 7-9pm. We serve beer, wine and great homemade food. The cafe is in a central location for all. A little background,Kate White is a Chicago born Portlander who can sing any style that makes her feel/she is passionate and dedicated to local music/Some of her influences include Janis Joplin and Joan Baez. You can check out her website at:  http://www.onlinerock.com/musicians/katewhite/. Come and check her out at our worker-owned collective cafe-we serve wine and beer and have fair trade/organic coffee and amazing vegan/vegetarian food.
We are a great community space and am looking forward to more events in the future. You can contact Rachel at:  clunythescourge0@lycos.com for setting up events of your own. support your community.

phone: phone: 503-481-8325