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Peak Oil - Extreme Conservation, New Technology, and Natural Die-Off Might Save Us

A natural age based die off would be preferable to starvation and disease.
An unmanaged oil collapse will likely lead to starvation, disease, political, and technological chaos. Recovery from this will be difficult, or impossible.

If we can get our leadership to face the reality of peak oil, we might be able to live in a better world someday. I don't think pure market forces have the heart to make this happen. By the time it is profitable, it may be too late.

A managed, positive outcome may occur if technology is used to cushion the effects of oil depletion, and allow time for a natural age based die off to reduce the population gracefully. If we can make extreme gas & oil conservation and population reduction critical priorities, we might be able to use our remaining gas and oil resources to develop the means of sustaining a small population. The result would hopefully be a small, healthy, and technologically advanced human population living on a much healthier Earth. This is better than a return to the stone age.

This is certainly a more worthwhile make-work and spending project than a trip to Mars!
Flaws in proposed solutions: the IF WE CAN... Forget it. We won't. 05.Apr.2004 11:30

Jerry Abbott goatlyones@moonshinehollow.com

Nearly everybody aware of the impending global crisis - mass starvations, global food wars, billions dead, etc. - proposes well-intentioned solutions. Some of the solutions might actually have helped, if they could be implemented. However, none of them will be.

The impossibility of implementing a solution is that democracy has given us habits that we will not break, not even though we see the end of the world coming. We won't leave our cars parked and walk to work. We won't elect politicians who promise to take our accustomed ease and comforts away from us. We've been playing the two-wolves-and-a-sheep voting game for a long time, and most people - even intelligent people - will require a slap in the face from God to understand that each of us is now personally responsible.

Democracy always was a bad idea. Fools outnumber sages in every country, and always will. One equal vote from every man guarantees either rule by fools or rule by media propagandists, depending on whether the media are captured, and either of those outcomes is bad. We should have kept our kings. Even better, we should have embraced National Socialism in 1940.

Perhaps you are too emotionally tied up with your political theories at the moment to believe that. Okay, no problem. Wait until your children beg you to give them food you don't have. Wait until you hear rumors about cannibalism. See what you think then.