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The Boo Hoo Bullies of Biotech

The Biotech Industry Organization sent its annual letter to the president in early February. The theme of it took a dramatic turn away from its usual peddling for fiscal help and tax-payer subsidies. This time the tone was frantic and its plea was for help from the 'big, bad, animal rights activists'!

These cowards apparently are worried over what they see happening to HLS, and its customers - and they rightfully should be. In this letter to President Bush the industry organization bemoaned the bombings and the non-stop protest activity. Hoping to cash-in on an administration with no regard to the bill of rights, the biotech group is lobbying for a harsh crackdown on those who (are you ready for this?) - are opposed to animal research.

This cute little trade organization has shown just about as much regard for the US constitution as it normally does for the welfare of those animals suffering in its cages. Just as others in history whose profits and lifestyles came off the exploited backs of others (slavery, apartheid, fascism, indentured servitude, etc.) today's vivisectors cannot handle the apt criticism, cogent arguments, and passionate crusade against the injustice they inflict. Like other social deviants they are seeking to undermine their opposition by a corrupt reliance on paid-for politicians. What patriots!

Well, it isn't going to happen. The same spirit that fueled the struggles of the abolitionists, the ANC, and the Revolutionary War soldiers - pumps through the movement committed to shutting down HLS, ending vivisection, and hunting down every one of those who dared raise a scalpel to the jugular of any living creature. The civil SLAPP-suits have failed to stop this movement, as have the heavy-handed police disruptions, negative press coverage, and the scare tactics of the FBI. Commandant Bush and his Gestapo chief Ashcroft will fare no better.

To all those animal researchers and cruelty advocates reading this, listen up and take notes for your next letter to the Commander and Thief (not that we believe Bush can actually read, or for that matter understand or even pronounce words with more than two syllables). The SHAC campaign, in all its legal and illegal glory, is a manifestation of all the anger and hatred felt across the country and world for each and every tragedy that is an animal dying or dead on your caged floors. It is a campaign that is not afraid to take risky, bold, and controversial moves - and is not afraid of the repressive repercussions. SHAC is the most direct and appropriate response to the heinous crimes you commit. And frankly, considering the true amount of violence you are all guilty of, you've gotten of light so far.

Every time you genetically grow an ear out of the back of a mouse, turn a rat's blood glow-in-the-dark-green, or marvel about some other monstrosity you've perverted out of nature you cause the ire of compassionate NORMAL people everywhere. Perhaps you've all been locked away in your heavily fortified laboratories for too long, because you have completely lost touch with humanity. This is not a message of anti-science, as all of us everywhere want a cure to cancer, Aids, Alzheimer's, and other debilitating diseases - but simply put, it has not come from and will not come from your mad science.

We are angry, and we have every right to be. This anger is going to continue to grow and it's going to continue to greet you on your personal doorstep whether you like it or not. This protest may come in the form a screaming protestor or a burning bag of shit stuffed in your mailbox. You deserve it. Weep on all you want, and fret over your precious lack of privacy from now on. Your petty anxieties pale in comparison to the true suffering you cause innumerable creatures and your tears will not make us sympathize with you.

And in plainer terms our very 'special' president can understand - you are all 'evil-doers' and we are going to smoke you out of your little holes. Those at the al-Huntingdon terrorist network, led by Osama Bin Baker, have numbered days. SHAC is on the hunt!

For any biotech babies who wish to stay off the radar (for the time being, at least) discontinue business with HLS. It is that simple. Ignore the squawkings of the bird-brained Frankie Troll. This is not the time to band together. Your choice is to take your chance swimming alone through the troubled waters of vivisection, or go down with the Huntingdon ship.

To publicly distance your company from HLS please click here and follow these three steps.

State the name of your company, and contact information
Clearly state that your organization, parent company, subsidiary companies, and contracted associate companies do not now, nor will they ever have a future relationship with Huntingdon Life Sciences (Life Sciences Research Inc.)
Please date this letter, and fax this statement through to SHAC USA with the company's letterhead at the top. Call (609) 936 8422.
pharmaceutical control of animal/human health 19.Feb.2004 18:26

Marburg monkey

we are fortunate to have dedicated animal rights activists who stand up to the HLS/pharmaceutical corporations who attempt to justify animal cruelty by claiming their petrochemically derived pharmaceutical products actually "cure" the symptoms the human is experiencing..

humans are exposed to various amounts of toxic chemicals throughout their lives, epidemiologists have difficulty pinpointing the cause of cancer, it is often a combination of the toxins acting together. On any given day, the average north american inhales ?ppm carbon monoxide, ?ppm nitrogen dioxide, and ingests a variety of toxins from corporate food products (pesticides, genetically modified food, etc.), low-level radiation, etc., which act on the body cells in various ways sometimes leading to cancer..

healthy diet and lifestyle can sometimes be a luxury for the wealthy, so people exposed to toxins are not able to heal themselves through nutrition. here the pharmacuetical corporations take advantage of the health problems caused by the exposure to toxins. often times the "illness" is labeled genetic as with attention deficit disorder when it could most likely be a body reaction to refined sugars in Coca-cola/Pepsi refined sugar products..

DuPont and DOW chemicals feed Bristol-Squibb, Syngenta, Novartis and other chemical specialists petroleum derived chemical compounds that are attempting to mimic molecular body molecules which may help the person, or maybe not. The hit and miss of animal testing is usually as ineffective as throwing darts blindfolded after spinning around like a hamster in a wheel..

the claims of pharmacuetical benefits are statistical manipulations that do not look at other factors in healing such as meditation, love and lifestyle changes. If people's health gets better, the pharmacuetical researchers claim their product caused improvement, yet there is no way of measuring meditation and love as part of healing, so pharma gets credit by default..

Money is made by petrochemical pharmacueticals and animals suffer depression/torture in cages..

Thank you for that response, monkey. 19.Feb.2004 23:02


I agree with you completely. I wish I knew you.