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The Daily Poetry Movement

Emily fought the status quo in her own injured way. Her father was a political figure who often entertained, as a woman it was expected she would get things ready for the guests. Afterward she would hide and write bitter poems such as this mocking their insanities, like the massacre of the indians, the civil war, etc. Emily was a voice of resitance! Rise up!
Color -- Caste -- Denomination --
These -- are Time's Affair --
Death's diviner Classifying
Does not know they are --

As in sleep -- All Hue forgotten --
Tenets -- put behind --
Death's large -- Democratic fingers
Rub away the Brand --

If Circassian -- He is careless --
If He put away
Chrysalis of Blonde -- or Umber --
Equal Butterfly --

They emerge from His Obscuring --
What Death -- knows so well --
Our minuter intuitions --
Deem unplausible --

-by Emily Dickinson