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Did anyone see The Corporation last night

The Corporation screened last night (2.17.04) @ the Guild Theatre.
Has anyone seen this film yet? It played only once at the PDX Internat'l Film Festival. Made by the same guy who made Manufacturing Consent. The film is a documentary about the corporation as a being, growing, gaining, overpowering, and not ruling. Amazing film which makes you want to run from the theatre and start a revolution. They should had out sledgehammers, or at least information about revoking corporate charters. Anyone see this yet? It's being released nationwide in June i believe.

Dynamite movie 18.Feb.2004 18:01

marc mbatko@lycos.com

How great to see all the people, the overflow could have filled a second showing!
The corporation was pilloried as psychopathological, distrustful, abusive, deceiving, as a "legal person" without feeling, subject to attack in manifold ways, stylizing itself as a natural law while evading taxes and impoverishing states and communities. Many great people were given time to break the mythology: Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Rifkin, Richard Grossman, Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, Maude Barlow and Vandana Shiva. Ms. Shiva said the corporation was the pirate, not the Third World.
People leave with a sense of their international identity and with ideas that can dispel the resignation and lethargy, the bitter fruits of trickle down hocus pocus and fundamentalist intolerance.
As Noam Chomsky said, the corporation is a human creation, not a natural law, a transient reality once chartered for a specific person that is now a monster out of control.