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who has a flyer from Rose City Copwatch that pictures McCollister...

saw a very brief news spot on FOX News 10:00PM last night that made
mention of a flyer being circulated that depicts the looks of this
killer-cop, Mikey McCollister....
and it showed it ever so briefly, then went on to report that it was being circulated by the
Rose City Copwatch group. Would someone that is member of this group or that has one of the
flyer's, please post it here. Given this guy's "history" it'd be darn good idea to know just
what he looks like, in case one is driving at night and has a taillight out on their car, and
then finds themselves being pulled over by the cops. You'd want to know just who it is that
is pulling you over, wouldn't you...given this guy's proclivities????? So, whoever got a pic
of this creep, please put it up. Thanks!
RCCW Member Responds 18.Feb.2004 16:57

Rose City Copwatch member info@rosecitycopwatch.org

I'm glad you heard of our flyer! Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of Scott McCollister -- but we are offering a free bag of groceries to the first person to find such a picture.

We put flyers up all around East Precinct (McCollister's new assignment). To quote from our volunteer recruitment:

"We hope that some of the public outcry unleashed after Kendra's murder can
be focused on the lack of accountability that allows cops such as
McCollister to remain on the force, without having to bear responsibility
for what they have done. Ideally, the poster and related outreach will get
people excited about doing a bit of sleuthing and providing a photo of
McCollister for the public's benefit. When someone does provide a photo,
we will launch a second round of public outreach to make his likeness
widely recognized."

Good luck finding a photo!

This is a great idea! 18.Feb.2004 22:58


do hope once you're gotten a picture of this sorry man, that you'll post it here
on this website, so all of us can see just what he looks like. We need to know!

request for more information on 19.Feb.2004 09:38

Rose City Copwatch

A`s member of group of old retiree's that gather every morning for coffee/discussion,
we have all noted the horrible trend here in Portland towards Nazification of their
Portland Police Bureau, and we want to get actively involved in bringing this evil
to the collective awareness of the decent people here that are lulled into a state
of complacency by such media-whores as KGW-TV News and similar defend-the-Establish-
ment-in-spite-of-REALITY public opinion molders. We want to roam the city with our
expensive cameras (got 'em for taking pictures of kids/grandkids, but don't use 'em
for that all the time!) and help bring these increasing acts of "bad police behavior"
to the public's attention.

This the only known proven way to curb this behavior. Put a name to the face, and
do not let 'em live in a vacuum of anonymity, but let their families, friends, and
neighbors know just what they are really like on-the-job, and these people who're
able to touch their lives on daily basis will take it from there. They'll bring a
change in these sad characters. You doubt that, then you ought to know what is
happening to a number of police officers from Beaverton that have had video tapes
passed around behind their backs at their church of their "actions" in past, as
these men and their families are suddenly getting "cold shoulder" from lots of the
members and such, and they haven't a clue as to why! Not the first clue!

So, the technique is highly effective let me assure, and frankly, this is why the
authorities are stumbling all over themselves with their silliness in bad-mouthing
this effort described here...precisely because it is EFFECTIVE in changing the bad
behavior of police and puts "control" back in the hands of citizens!

We went to your Rose City Copwatch website, but found it saying "still under con-
struction" and we'd like---as I'm sure will a great many people now---find out
more about your organization, where meetings are held, time/dates, etc. etc. so we
too can become involved.

So, please, please...would some member of this fine organization come forth and do
a general posting that gives all this information so we may take the next step and
get more acquainted with you and become members too! Thanks ever so much!

Response to "old retiree" 19.Feb.2004 10:53

RCCW member info@rosecitycopwatch.org

I'm so glad that you're interested in Rose City Copwatch! We apologize that our website is still under construction. If you want to contact us, we're reachable at the email and phone number posted to this (and the above) article.

We also have a press release in the center column of this website (portland.indymedia.org) if you want to read more!