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pdx revolutionary communal land project gains momentum: space available

do you yearn to inhabit another world, rooted in ritual, loving relations, healing ecology?
do you long to work in community for transformation, personal and political, economic and spiritual?
do you relish the challenge of organizing, focalizing, midwiving the birth of a world of many worlds,
artists and farmers, witches and anarchists?
here, now, join us!
[coming up:
wed 5:30 legal/financial wkng grp, call for location;
fri 5:30 village building convgce organizing meeting;
fri 6:30 new moon ritual;
sat 10am (tentative) permaculture wkng grp and work party.]

.:: the f a r m at t r y o n ::.


much joy, much work, much urgency at the farm these days! as we open the
space and our process to the community, the land is evermore infused
with diverse allies, sharing their wisdom and energy.

i feel that all of us know that another world is possible because we
have felt it in our lives, moments of living by other drummers, other
winds, other disciplines and loyalties, freedom in an undiscovered
country invisible to the status quo, a faery realm: a liberation into
fragments of zapatismo, the world of many worlds, a neo-indigeneity.

i trust, i have faith, that this land and these communities coming
together can become a common ground por el mundo bueno. my faith is
rewarded when you come, as saturday you came, to join with us in an
initiating collective flurry of raking and root-pulling, seeding and

it was great! we worked in the damp sunshine together, talking and
laughing and watching the land shift beneath our hands. it is always
something serious to till the soil, and we must remember wildness'
lightness; yet joining to work with earth is a deep and human joy. and
then we ate together each others' food, and we spoke and planned
together, and worked together some more, and slowly drifted apart late
into the night to the strains of home made music.

the collective energy is burgeoning, the working groups are kicking into
gear, and our resident intentional community is adjusting into a new,
deeply resonant pattern. we have been setting our intention to find
landmates who are willing to take pivotal roles in the movement forward
of this vision, as mentors or organizers, facilitators or diplomats
between the many languages of transformation we are bringing together.
we have been lucky to find in ellen all of these, and we're honored that
she will be subletting hope's apartment during a half-year absence.

we continue to hastily meet with people to see whether they fit with
where we are right now. if you're interested in living in the
collective house, and you'd like to play an energy-intensive role in
bringing this new life into being, please speak with us as soon as
possible about two immediate openings.

we are moving rapidly forward with developing a legal and financial plan
to present to the landowners and potential financers. we have been in
frequent contact with karl, and will be meeting with him this weekend;
we are working furiously to have a specific (but flexible) proposal
ready for him then. if you have experience, or you're just interested
in helping out, please contact us asap, ideally before our
legal/financial working group meeting on wednesday evening.

for those of who haven't yet heard, we will be a village building
convergence site this year, bringing together dozens of volunteers (of
all levels of experience) to design and build community structure. this
will be a wonderful and exciting project, and will take a lot of work.
those of us interested in helping get together the coordination of
materials, volunteers, structure design, practical permaculture
workshops, fundraising, etc., will be meeting here at 5:30 on friday. to
help coordinate, contact symbioticseed[at]yahoo.com.

please don't be late, because also on friday we will be gathering at
6:30 for a new moon ritual, entering the quiet darkness, sowing seeds of
change. if you're interested in helping plan the ritual, please call
hope at 503.317.2550.

and we will probably be moving towards having the permaculture farming
working group meeting every saturday in the morning both to design the
layout of the edible landscape and work on specific projects. things
aren't quite set in stone, but a tentative meeting and work party is
penciled in for saturday. watch this space! (and, of course, if you'd
like to help coordinate something, let us know: matt or merri,
503.244.1776; memerri[at]yahoo.com)

we are talking seriously with a group that does multiday beltane
celebrations about hosting it here this may day. doing so would be a
powerful step forward in our commitment to supporting (and being
supported by) ambient communities. to do it properly, we will need to
get outdoor facilities like composting toilets and a kitchen in place in
the next two months (not to mention other kinds of organizing). we're
also interested in hosting regular low-impact but high-vibration musical
and artistic events here, from full moon drumming circles to festivals
of aesthetic immersion. if you're interested in organizing or
participating, please contact erin @ 503.244.1776,

finally, the outreach group is formally small but informally as broad as
the webs of all our relations. these emails hopefully help, but many
phone calls to friends and posted notices have really been indispensable
in making sure as many as possible have the information to be involved.
to facilitate things a bit more we hope to have the farm website up and
running very soon with basic information, a calendar of events,
announcements, and the like:  http://farm.truffula.net. we're also
continuing our involvement with the neighborhood association, meeting
newcomers and connecting with local residents in an often isolating part
of town. to get involved, call brush @ 503.244.1776, brush[at]riseup.net.

stay in touch! spread the word!

homepage: homepage: http://farm.truffula.net
phone: phone: 503.244.1776