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Laughable Bush 'Re'-'Election' Button

Isn't this hee-larious? For a minute I thought this was some kind of joke until I hit the link and went to a Republican National Committee voter registration page. That led to a second item I thought was a joke: George W. Bush telling people how important it is to vote, as if he or the RNC actually cared to COUNT the 2000 vote.

My god(dess) what is the world coming to?
funny....only..... 18.Feb.2004 08:09


This is a riot for those of us who try to maintain their sense of humor in these dark times. Though I do try not to think this way, I sometimes have to wonder if repiglicans really ARE a different genetic breed. How on earth can they put something like this out and be serious about it! "Yee-Haw is NOT a foreign policy!"

Hey drummer, a suggestion I hope you'll take... 18.Feb.2004 11:33


using the word "pig" as an insult is part of the language those of us who are concerned about animals are trying to end. Pigs suffer quite horribly in human hands, in factory farms across the world, and yet they're very intelligent, sensitive animals. If people can think of them as worthless, negative creatures, that's part of how the brutality is allowed to continue. Please try not to use animals as a way to deride humans--it's more accurate the other way around anyway--it's the humans who have been so ruthless to the animals who should more correctly be derided for their actions. Thx

but then... 18.Feb.2004 13:38


ultimately humans are omnivores. Yes, we EAT animals. This is part of our nature.

Though having that need provided by a 400-acre barn knee-deep in shit is pretty fucked. But I hope you're not trying to go against nature here...

"In other news, 85, 000 cows were killed in order to prevent the spread of mad cow disease. The two farms at which this took place..."