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Take Action: Stop Environmental Terrorists

America's extreme environmental activists are becoming more and more brazen. One green group, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), has caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage with arsonist attacks and violent vandalism.
These militant environmentalists are using the same tactics of fear and violence that better-known terrorist groups use to intimidate America. The SUV Owners of America (SUVOA) and members of Congress need your support to stop eco-terrorists.

Across the country in 2003, the ELF left a path of destruction in its wake - from small towns in Pennsylvania to wealthy areas in California. And they aren't just out to get SUVs. Some of their assaults include:

Bombing car dealerships from coast to coast
Setting homes on fire in San Diego and Indiana
Vandalizing farms across the country
Spray-painting SUVs with phrases like "Fat, Lazy American"
Vandalizing a Wal-Mart south of Indianapolis
Blowing up a ski resort in Colorado
Setting off homemade bombs at biotech and cosmetics companies

Thankfully, some of our elected leaders want to stop these domestic terrorists. Representative Chris Chocola, R-Ind., introduced the Stop Terrorism of Property Act after the ELF blew up nearly a half-dozen SUVs that were produced in Rep. Chocola's district. Rep. Chocola's bill seeks to punish any form of eco-terrorism and anyone who "intentionally damages the property of another with the intent to influence the public with regard to conduct the offender considers harmful to the environment."

Your help is needed to make the bill become law. Act now to protect your freedoms. SUVOA is a non-profit consumer organization with more than 20,000 supporters.



homepage: homepage: http://www.suvoa.com/

Mabie 18.Feb.2004 02:22


Did you ever stop to consider that in fact you are the environmental terrorist if you own an SUV anyway. How could someone be so brazen as to accuse someone elese of horrid destruction when they themselfs daily destroy our air and in turn our lungs. How much money is your air worth? How much is the health of humanity worth? When you figure that out tell me and we can compare it with the monitary damages that ELF has caused.

some people are stupid 18.Feb.2004 09:06

we just have to live with it

"These militant environmentalists are using the same tactics of fear and violence that better-known terrorist groups use to intimidate America."

Oh yes, of course. Because as we all know, Al Quaida really HATES our SKYSCRAPERS, which is why they flew planes into two of them which were completely empty of people. Idiots!

Also, does anyone else agree with me that "terrorism of property" is impossible unless you believe that your SUV (property) has a feelings and can feel "terrorized"?

Surely this is a joke 18.Feb.2004 09:15


"intentionally damages the property of another with the intent to influence the public with regard to conduct the offender considers harmful to the environment."

THIS is a law against "environmental terrorists"? How about a law that punishes anyone who attempts to destroy the environment for profit? The realization that almost all our forests are gone, that there is little clean water left, that GE crops are contaminating my fields and my body, the encroachment of suburbs on the last remaining oasis of non-human life, the extinction of thousands of species of animals and plants...all of these things are terrifying. The thought of one less SUV in the world? That's funny.

Propaganda Front 18.Feb.2004 10:02


This SUVOA is a propaganda front organization for Auto Manufacturers of America or something equivalent to it. They also get alot of their money from SUV dealerships across the country. I would recommend to go to their website and "edit" their letter and send it to the congressmen they've targeted for the letter.
Here are some much better and less biased websites about SUVs


 http://suv.org/ Friends of the Earth site


 http://www.earthonempty.com/myths.html - myths and realities about SUVs

 http://www.fuh2.com/ Fuck you and your H2 SUV

 http://stopsuvs.org/ Funny sarcastic










I've got so many other "worries", that the ELF is the 18.Feb.2004 10:15

least of my worries!

who really cares all that much what they do? I don't, as like I said, I've got
a plate full of worries as it is. Leave 'em alone, and get on with fixing some
of the REAL problems this country has!

Property can feel terror? 18.Feb.2004 11:17


Wow, who knew that property can feel terror? Isn't arson already a crime? Why do we need these new laws? Because to me, it looks like it's just to protect rich corporations who are destroying the planet and our health in the process. Not that it amtters- look at your list of "crimes," and ask how many people were caught for them.

Not just semantics 18.Feb.2004 11:33


My first reaction to reading the title of this article -- Take Action: Stop Environmental Terrorists -- was to think, "Yeah, right on". Stupid stupid me. I had to read a little to realize that suv was talking about ELF, and not about what I'd call terrorism.

'Cause what terrifies me is things like logging trucks and their cargo, bulldozers striping away hillsides, crap that goes on the crops and comes out my faucet, tuna fish, and of course the only thing more terrible than a Black SUV in my mirror is a Black SUV coming at me crossing the centerline.

What I find most terrifying of all re SUVs is not the things themselves, but the attitude of their owners. The selfishness, the un-connectedness with the earth and the human family, the total lack of give-a-damn about environmental concerns -- and the fact that this attitude is so widespread. Think, for every SUV you see on the road, there is an SUV *driver* inside.

Here's an article from corporate media that to me was act of terrorism just to publish it --  http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/02/17/national/main600799.shtml.

What you drive, like what you wear, is a form of self expression. It's a reflection of your values.
So yeah, catwoman and raven and all, you're right. this is more than just semantics.

"Don't drink the water, and don't breathe the air"

mmmm, astroturf 18.Feb.2004 11:48

uprooting astroturf

Check out the earlier posting from these crackpots:

They've since updated their website, perhaps due to the thrashing they got from posting to portland indymedia. Initially their website was a joke and it's just a front for the auto industry claiming to be a grassroots organization.

Can you say "astroturf".

I knew you could.

haven't you figured it out 18.Feb.2004 11:49

another terrorist

Anything that prevents the rich from robbing and poisoning everyone else is terrorism.

suvs have feelings, too 18.Feb.2004 12:47

andre agassi

Snicker if you want, but did you know that SUVs HAVE FEELINGS TOO? Recent studies have demonstrated that SUVs are much more intelligent and sentient than anyone ever knew. If they were alive, they would apparently fall in the order Reptilia.

Assssssssstroturf 18.Feb.2004 12:55


Thanks for the links. Here are one of the replies: If anybody doesnt know, Andrew Card is Bush's Chief of Staff now.

Jason Vines
23.Aug.2003 15:40
Jason Vines, the SUVOA "president" used to be a Vice President of Public Relations at Ford Motor company (manufacturer of the HumVee?). He has gone onto greater nefariousness at a company specializing in "strategic communications counseling"-- which you can just imagine the value of.
He also worked for ANDREW CARD (see any odd connections)? "In 1993, Vines served as an "on loan" chief communications counselor to Andrew Card, then-president of the American Automobile Manufacturers' Association (AAMA) in Washington, D.C. AAMA was the trade association of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. During his tenure, he focused primarily on the image building of the auto industry, emissions policy, U.S.-Japan trade relations and NAFTA. "
I even wonder whether Earth Liberation really did this-- or if it was an FBI job?

give me a break... 18.Feb.2004 16:26

this thing here

>Representative Chris Chocola, R-Ind., introduced the Stop Terrorism of Property Act<

i really hope that rep. chocola and mr. vines did not seriously label the act "terrorism of property act." what a freaking joke. learn english dumb asses. understand the difference between these two words, animate and inanimate. and ELF didn't "blow up" a ski resort, they set the lift machinery on fire.

mr. vines and his supporters are just a bunch a dumb ass guys who need something to get their undies in a wad about. that's why they buy s.u.v.'s in the first place, to make up for something that's lacking...

Yes, as part of the very important 18.Feb.2004 17:40

bitter pill

crap, er, research being done on primates at OHSU, SUVs have been shown to experience pleasure, pain, and a variety of emotions ranging from fear to sadness to anger. Of course fuck the sentience of the animals--big business rules!

However 19.Feb.2004 00:48


It is lots of fun to giggle in the corner at recess, about what an idiot Chocola is, and what slime SUV of America and Vines are.

However, they have money, they have media, they have votes, they will have legislation.

Not that they need anymore. For Chocola this is just an easy way to get reellected. For us, yet another easy way to get arrested. For Chocola's owners, another convenient way to silence dissent.

Our giggles please the owners.