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Communique from The Jah (Department of Environmental Protection) DEP/The Sons and Daughters of Liberty
Stop Being the Bitches of the Corporation Masters of our stolen Nation!

The Free, Immaterial Data Edition of the underground classic 'The Jah DEP: True Possession of Place in the Time of the Indian Casinos,' will soon be available at www.krater.org . The book narrates a comically and tragically failed attempt to establish The Jah DEP.

But The Sons and Daughters of Liberty are now on the move.

We go to the deductive foundations of The Jah DEP.

We exercise our natural right to grow any plant found in nature.

For we too are nature.

We integrate the sacred spirit of the wild animals into the fallen, profaned world of the monkeys with car keys.

We warn that many are called. But few are chosen.

Free, Immaterial Data Available at <a href=" http://www.krater.org">www.krater.org</a>

homepage: homepage: http://www.krater.org