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Last Vestige of Hope Died with Dean

The absolute last vvestige of hope for even a semblance of democracy and, therefore for America as we were led to believe it was, just died with Dean's resignation from the presidential race. There is nothing that can be said as a palliative to this fact: the only option remaining for the few who will not sell themselves like prostitutes is revolution.
Dean was not my hero or my ideal - he was, at best, my last resort. I hate the America of the corporations and of the Republican party and of/by/for the rich and I will not pretend that it is OK or that we can wait another 4 years. If Ralph Nader does not come in now, then I for one can be counted out not because I am a poor loser but because, in all honesty, there are no choices that are not requiring self-prostitution and shameless compromise with values and standards.

Kerry is the same as Bush except that he put on sheep's clothing - to some, even more despicable than the reigning retard. John Edwards and his Madison Ave. smile is shallow and bought. All the rest have seen the writing on the wall and are nauseated by it or are getting rich off of it. Democracy has died with a whimper from an image that was already full of lies and deception but the last nail was hammered in by the corporate media. These satanic abominations are the killers of dreams of billions and of true democracy wherevver it is still surviving but nop longer here in the USA. We are on our own. We have no heroes and no savviors and no knights to rescue us. We are on our own. And the killers of our democracy are in the White House, in Congress, in the Supreme Court, in state governments in local governments, in our school systems, and even in our homes and in our mirrors. We have all contributed for GWB, the antichrist, to reign ovver our land because we were more willing to be comfortable than honest. We were more willing to be fat and sassy than generous with the rest of the world. We were more willing to fool ourselves into thinking that we actually were a notch above disgustingly selfish than to smash our diabolical TV stations. We are now a comfortable, fat, sassy, disgustingly selfish nation of fascist dominated wimps.

We deserve evverything that the devil in the WH will bring us unless we can rise and smash him and the mafia that have cast us into hell. No complaining please, at least not in on this site - you cannot say you did not know what was coming or that you actually did something to stop the hell of future amerika from materializing. Shame, amerika!! Shame on you for generations of suffering to come!! Shame on you!!!
the truth ruth 17.Feb.2004 22:21

empire slayer

>> We are on our own. We have no heroes and no savviors and no knights to rescue us. We are on our own.

well, hasn't it always been that way? i know it is difficult to come to this realization, but it is crucial that we all accept that it is UP TO US to engage ourselves in creating our future. OF COURSE the elite will always do what is in their own best interests, and OF COURSE they love it when we all get distracted by the media, the economy, the wars, the church. until we fully embrace the concept of "no gods, no masters", we deserve to continue to be enslaved.

The Year Democracy Ended 18.Feb.2004 01:42

Bob Fitrakis

The year democracy ended

November 30, 2003

As the year ends, 2003 will be remembered by future historians as the year the pretense of democracy in the United States ended.

Since the 1940s, conservatives have accepted the assumption of economist Joseph Schumpeter that democracy in a mass society existed of little more than the following: the adult population could vote; the votes were fairly counted; and the masses could choose between elites from one of two parties.

With the most recent revelations about the 2000 Bush coup in Florida disclosed in the shocking stolen Diebold memos, the Bush family has signaled that an authoritarian right-wing dynasty is the future course for American politics.

The Sunday, November 12, 2000 Washington Post, buried on page A22, the smoking gun of the Bush family's CIA-style rigged "demonstration" election in Florida: "Something very strange happened on election night to Deborah Tannenbaum, a Democratic Party official of Volusia County. At 10 p.m., she called the county elections department and found that Al Gore was leading George W. Bush 83,000 votes to 62,000 votes. But when she checked the county's Web site for an update half an hour later, she found a startling development: Gore's count had dropped by 16,000 votes, while an obscure Socialist candidate had picked up 10,000 ... all because of a single precinct with only 600 voters."

So it should come as no surprise when the New York Times headline on July 24 of this year read "Computer voting is open to easy fraud." The work by Alastair Thompson at scoop.co.nz and Bev Harris in her essential new book Black Box Voting reveal not only that computer voting is open to fraud but that massive and widespread fraud occurred in the 2000 election.

Moreover, the emboldened Bush administration appears to have continued its fraud in the 2002 and subsequent elections. Why not? The investigation by Senator Frank Church in the 1970s revealed that the U.S. CIA routinely rigged elections throughout the world and was involved in overthrowing democracies and installing dictatorships as needed during the Cold War. The list is familiar to human rights advocates: Iran and Guatemala in the 50s; Chile and Greece in the 70s.

Four computer scientists at Rice University and a separate study by the Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University document how easy it is to hack into the Diebold voting machines. Diebold's CEO Wally O'Dell is an ardent Bush supporter who recently hosted a $10,000-a-plate fundraiser for the President in his manor in the affluent Columbus suburb of Upper Arlington. He is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President next year" while, at the same time, attempting to contract with the state of Ohio for his fabulously flawed voting machines.

And it's not just Diebold. The largest seller of computerized voting systems in the U.S. is ES&S, whose former top exec is now Nebraska's Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, who won after ES&S machines reported an unusual and stunning black vote for him.

The Dallas News reported that early voting in the 2002 election created ". . . several dozen complaints . . . from people who said that they selected a Democratic candidate but that their vote appeared beside the name of a Republican on the screen."

Recall the six major upsets of Democrats by Republicans in Georgia in the 2002 election. The state's votes were counted on the unreliable and easily hackable 22,000 Diebold machines. Also during the 2002 election, where over 1000 votes were cast in other races, no votes were registered for governor as Clinton administration Attorney General went down to a surprisingly 5000 vote loss.

As a result of these obvious voting irregularities, hackers went into the Diebold system and stole thousands of documents and internal memos which expose the 2000 Florida coup. In Harris' book based on these documents and interviews with Diebold officials, she outlines how Gore originally conceded the election after somebody used a "second [computer] card (card #3) that mysteriously appeared, subtracted 16,022 from Al Gore and still in some undefined way, added 4000 erroneous votes to George W. Bush . . ."

A summary of the 2002 election by scoop.co.nz found that in 14 races, there was a 3-16 point swing to the Republican Party after the final poll was taken providing several stunning upsets. By contrast, in only two races was there a swing toward the Democratic Party, between 2-4 points. In three other races, the pollsters were within the margin of error.

The American people have been socialized into denial. First about the ruthless and imperialist nature of their 26 intelligence-gathering agencies including the CIA and NSA that have been involved in rigging elections worldwide and the ongoing involvement by these agencies in American politics. What is obviously evolved is a praetorian guard, loyal only to the Bush family, that some call the "shadow government."

Most Americans are intent to stick their heads in the sand on Bush's vote-rigging and our troops in the sands of Iraq. Future historians will record that while the facts and documentation of the end of American republic mounted, many believed the babbling of a low-IQ'ed well-scripted son of the new aristocracy.

Dr. Bob Fitrakis is Senior Editor of The Free Press ( http://freepress.org ), a political science professor, and author of numerous articles and books.



food for thought 18.Feb.2004 10:08

and hurling

"The leader in national polls and more important state polls in the first states of Iowa and New Hampshire Dean seemed poised to win the nomination in a runaway. In the end, he never won a single state through 17 contests."





Last Vestige of Hope. Right. 18.Feb.2004 10:22

Lars the Infidel

Hey, Dean stood up to Shrub's war crimes before most of the others. For that he should be remembered well. But Kerry is well poised to take back the White House. And no matter what the paranoid progressives believe, a Kerry administration will damn sure be a better than what we have now. Or should we all just let Shrub stay in and give Amerika what it deserves. Yeah, that's a good plan.

I'll have to agree Lars the Infidel 18.Feb.2004 11:00


As much as I understand and as much as I can be a ourist, this country has turned outright toxic. I'm tired of this damn NASCAR pResident and the whole PNAC agenda. Sure, they'll just go underground for four years, but we need some breathing room. If Kerry or whomever screws up, continue with the protests, but GW is just making me barf on a daily basis.

Please!! Look at the PPI and Kerry's book... OK... now BARF! 18.Feb.2004 11:31


Please see the Progressive (sic) Policy Institute's plans that leave PNAC as a first grade primer and also read Keery Deathface's book on "progressive (sic) internationalism". These guys may actually be worse than Bush because they are intelligent AND evil...

Deanies vote for Kucinich 18.Feb.2004 14:48

What can you lose

Kerry's going to win the nomination. Even if that lame-o Edwards were to win, the Dem will win this next election.

Kucinich is still in the race. Make a statement and vote for Kucinich. He is the only candidate left that spoke as candidly as Dean.

Or if you can stay organized, write in Dean. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Dean could win Oregon as a write-in candidate? Okay, I'm a dreamer. Why couldn't Deanies stay organized up to this point? That I wonder. I am sad that he quit. He still has a sizeable number of delegates. Now he's going to hand them over to Kerry or Edwards? It is nauseating how ordinary the front runners are.

Bonesman Kerry 18.Feb.2004 18:59


If Kerry gets elected, he will have be the third richest president ever. As such, he can always be counted on by the elite to support, obfuscate for and defend the elite while pretending to support the common man. What a bunch of B.S. Kerry is being installed by the elite BECAUSE the lid is being blown off the 9-11 fraud, and Kerry will be the guy who sweeps the whole mess under the rug, just like with Iran-Contra and the CIA drug smuggling. And the status-quo will continue, with the rich getting ever richer, while the poor and middle class continue to get screwed. I, for one, will never vote for a Skull and Bones member.