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Section to of the January 17th Editorial Section of the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, regarding the death of " Humanitarian" Aid Workers

---John Paul Cupp

We hear of an attack on a US "civilian" or " humanitarian" (i.e. "missionary") convey, which according to the Imperialist/Zionist Press resulted in killing 1 and wounding 3. It has been made clear to all who participate in the occupation of Iraq, wheither of a political and/or military nature, that they are violating Iraq's Right to Self-Determination, or are collaborating with those who are.

Anyone who has studied history knows of the connection between Christian "missionaries" and Colonialism. One is entitled to their religion whatever they choose, but it can not be considered acceptable to use it as a blatant tool for world reaction, wheither the case be fascism, racism, colonialism, imperialism, or zionism. The people of Iraq, nor the entire periphery (third world) do not need you to save them from themselves, nor to act as a knight in shining armour, civilizing and nourishing the poor and "backwards" ones. This is a sign of just how barbaric and reactionary the US still is, even decades after legalized Apartheid was abolished. It also demonstrates what an uphill, and deeply essential ideological struggle Pro-Resistance/Anti-Imperialist Forces in the US must go through.

Charity, is the welfare arm of the Militaristic, nothing more. It is not a reformist nor enlightening trend in US Imperialism. All aspects of the Occupation of Iraq must go, or recognize that they are VALID MILITARY TARGETS!!!

No need for Pathology, nor excuses, just GET OUT!!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity/editorialstatements.html

Probably 19.Feb.2004 08:43


This was probably actually a Halibuton or security person. The media usually calss these people civilians. What a joke!