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Meet and Greet the Three Cheerleaders of the Jobless Recovery
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 18
Meet and Greet the Three Cheerleaders of the Jobless Recovery
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 18

President Bush's Labor, Treasury and Commerce Secretaries
Visit Portland in the Morning and Eugene in the Afternoon

President Bush's traveling cabinet secretaries - Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, Commerce Secretary Donald Evans and Treasury Secretary John Snow - will visit Portland and Eugene tomorrow to lead cheers for the administration's economic policies that have boosted profits for global corporations and decimated jobs for American workers.

Make Sure They Hear from Oregon Workers About the Impacts of the Bush's Economic Policies On Jobs, the Jobless and Working Families

Portland - Wednesday Morning

6:45 AM: We will meet at 6:45 AM tomorrow at the ground floor (West Side) entrance of the AFSCME office at 123 NE 3rd Ave., just north of the Burnside Bridge.

7:00 AM: Get on the "We Want Our Jobs Back" bus or join our car pools and travel to the Rock Creek campus of Portland Community College, 17705 NW Springville Road, Portland, where the cabinet secretaries will be meeting with business leaders.

8:00 AM: Prepare to welcome the cabinet secretaries with signs and banners. Or join Oregon workers for a special Workers Rights Board hearing on the impacts of Bush's economic policies on jobs, the jobless and working family incomes in Oregon (Building 2, Room 124 on the Rock Creek campus).

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM: Welcome the cabinet secretaries. Each of the cabinet secretaries was invited to join the hearing in letters faxed to their offices today by Mitch Freifeld (a laid-off software engineer) and Scott Axness (an unemployed electrician). Freifeld, Axness and others will be available to tell their stories to the cabinet secretaries and to the media. (Note: Our bus leaves at 10:15 AM, returning to the AFSME office by 11:00 AM.)

Eugene - Wednesday Afternoon

12:15 PM: Welcome the cabinet secretaries to their private meeting at Rexius Wood Products, 1275 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene.
with bells on, thanks 17.Feb.2004 21:07


See you at PCC Rockcreek. Waaay tooo EARLY, but I'll do it.

I'll be there 18.Feb.2004 00:10


see you all there too. I agree it is early but it will be worth it.

Slow recovery not new, maybe good 19.Feb.2004 19:48

Marvin McConoughey marvin@proaxis.com

The slow job recovery now taking place has aroused considerable concern. The concern may be more than is justified. The pre-Clinton recession also featured a very slow job recovery--so much so that it was not until the end of the Bush senior presidency that the recovery was recognized and back-dated to before Clinton took office.

The striking thing about the earlier, slow, recovery is how long lasting and robust it turned out to be. Perhaps slower recoveries lead to longer periods of following prosperity. The larger question is this: What criteria exist to reliably designate any recovery too slow or too fast? History? History is a story of different circumstances than now exist.

Let us be happy that a recovery is beginning and let others determine later if the speed meets some retrospective standard.