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Clone ban lifted to help fight terror

White house announces removing ban on cloning to better fight the war against terror.
2008 17.Feb.2004 17:36


I just wanna know if the GOP can grow another son for George H. W. Bush in time for the 2008 election.

Biotech corporations 17.Feb.2004 18:50

fund military research

recent genetic engineering of biotech altered soldiers funded by taxpayers towards military research like Raytheon,Wackenhut and other private research groups that perform animal research on primates (animal human interface) where monkeys are hook up to electrodes to record arm motion..

from the AP wire 17.Feb.2004 21:33


keeping in line with the ever so popular "name everything the opposite of what it does" strategy, the administration promptly coined the cloning effort "operation were not cloning ourselves"

george bush was scheluled to speak on this event, but after a few pretzles, he accidentally choked and used his favorite "remember the alamo" teleprompter to break his fall, breaking its plastic "alamo" cover. Bush promptly cancelled all speaking engagements until the device can be fixed.

hooray 18.Feb.2004 10:10

we're all of it

Bush needs a steady supply of Bin Ladens and Husseins.