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Wild Siskiyou Call In Day - Tues, Feb. 24!

TAKE ACTION: Call and fax Congress on Tuesday, Feb 24 to head off what could be the largest federal timber sale of all time. We can stop the 'Biscuit' salvage logging, but we must act!
Call in Day, February 24th: Keep the Siskiyou Wild!

The wild Siskiyou needs your help! Oregon's Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area is threatened by the biggest post-fire timber sale in modern history. The Bush Administration's massive logging plan proposes to log 518 million board feet of trees across 29,000 acres, costing American taxpayers as much as $100 million. The misguided plan proposes to log more than 12,000 acres of roadless lands, disqualifying 57,000 acres currently eligible for permanent Wilderness protection and would log 20,000 acres of designated Old Growth Reserves. This extreme post-fire logging proposal could move forward as early as this spring. Even though this project is Oregon specific the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area belongs to all Americans and the massive post-fire logging will set a national precedent.

The Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area, a vast area of roadless and Wilderness lands, includes one of the best remaining refuges for wild native salmon and steelhead left on the Pacific coast. These rivers and streams support 27 unique runs of at-risk anadromous fish, including Coho salmon, spring and fall Chinook salmon, winter and summer steelhead, coastal cutthroat trout, green sturgeon, white sturgeon, and Pacific lamprey. Some of the healthiest runs of salmonids in the Pacific Northwest occur in the region's rivers. The Siskiyou Mountains in Oregon provide wealth of other significant ecological values, including a distinctive and diverse geology, unparalleled botanical richness, numerous endemic and highly restricted plant species, unique flora and fauna habitat, unparalleled recreation opportunities, and clean water.


1. Please spread the word about the call in day on February 24, 2004 by asking your members to call or fax in and by forwarding the alert to list serves, networks, and friends.

2. Please call and/or fax Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Senator Wyden (D-OR) and Senator Smith (R-OR) on February 24, 2004.

Representative Peter DeFazio, phone: 202-225-6416, fax 202-225-0032

Senator Ron Wyden, phone: 202-224-5244; fax: 202-228-2717

Senator Gordon Smith, phone: 202-224-3753; fax 202-228-3997

Please ask these members of the Oregon Delegation to:

1. Oppose the Bush Administration's extreme "Biscuit Fire Recovery Project" logging plan.

2. Oppose any legislative efforts to shield the "Biscuit Fire Recovery Project" from full NEPA review and oppose any legislative efforts to exempt this project from any environmental laws (such as the Endangered Species Act or Clean Water Act) or from judicial review.

A sample fax template and talking points are below.

Sample Talking Points:

(Thanks to the OR Sierra Club)

Oregon's Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area, one of America's greatest natural assets, is on the Bush Administration's chopping block. This vast area of roadless lands and Wilderness represents one of the last, great wild places in the continental United States, producing unparalleled recreation opportunities, fish and wildlife habitat, and clean water.

The Siskiyou region is internationally recognized for its biological and recreational resources and has received many designations and proposals for permanent protection:

- Proposed as a National Monument in 2000
- An area of global botanical significance by the World Conservation Union
- A proposed 'World Heritage Site' and 'Biosphere Reserve'
- Three designated Wild & Scenic Rivers with an additional 13 other rivers eligible

Rather than offering permanent protection, the Bush Administration has proposed an extreme plan that would cause permanent and lasting destruction while wasting taxpayers' dollars on subsidized logging. The Bush Administration's extreme "Biscuit Fire Recovery Project" logging plan:

* Logs an astounding 518 million board feet of trees across 29,000 acres

* Fills 130,000 log trucks that would head for the sawmills, which if lined up end to end would run nearly the entire length of the west coast of the United States

* Logs more than 12,000 acres of roadless lands, disqualifying 57,000 acres currently eligible for permanent Wilderness

* Logs in 20,000 acres of designated Old Growth Reserves

* Will cost American taxpayers as much as $100 million

* Fails to provide funds and resources for communities threatened by fire in favor of profits for the logging industry

A responsible proposal for the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area would protect homes from fire and protect our National Forests from wasteful commercial logging. We need a plan based on solid science that will:

1. Aid natural recovery of the burned area without commercial logging

2. Use funds and resources to protect homes and communities from fire

3. Provide jobs and economic benefits through restoration

4. Provide clean drinking water, healthy watersheds and fish habitat

5. Help remove and reduce non-native plants

6. Help restore the natural role of fire in the forest

7. Provide opportunities for scientific study and education

8. Provide outstanding hunting, fishing and recreation opportunities

Sample fax template:

(Thanks to the Siskiyou Project)

Dear [Representative or Senator]:

I believe the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area in southwestern Oregon should be protected as a National Conservation Area for future generations - not subjected to massive post-fire logging.

The logging scheme proposed by the Forest Service is extreme, unbalanced and shortsighted. It would increase fire risk, impair rejuvenation of forests, hurt wild salmon and trout, and cost taxpayers millions of dollars. In addition, it would log thousands of acres of roadless forest, harm recreational resources and damage local economies.

I am very concerned that special legislation or a "rider" could force this unpopular, controversial project on the American public. I strongly urge you to be a champion for full public participation and our nation's environmental safeguards. Please oppose any legislative attempts to erode public participation or our nation's laws as they apply to management of Biscuit fire affected forests.

Instead, I ask you to consider the creation of a Siskiyou Wild Rivers National Conservation Area with robust fire safety protections for communities, restoration of degraded areas, and protection for world-class wildlands and lasting jobs for local residents.

Please let me know what your course of action will be on this important conservation issue.


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