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Bush administration to visit PCC Rockcreek Campus Tomorrow!

Bush administration to visit PCC Rockcreek Campus Tomorrow!
Two rooms have been reserved from 8am to noon Wednesday, Feb.17th at the Portland Community College Campus at Rockcreek. Secretaries of Trade, Labor, and Commerce are attempting to promote Bush's Jobs for the 21st Century Program. Hand chosen workers and a few, select students will be allowed to witness the show, but it is a show for mostly media personnel only. The students that will be in attendence will not be able to ask questions. The public will not be allowed in. Security at Rockcreek has been notified to possible protests on campus. So, let's not disappoint them. 8am is early, but the shindig probably doesn't start until a little later (that's just when the rooms have been reserved). This has been confirmed by staff and security at PCC.
Kick their asses 17.Feb.2004 15:51


Show them that no one from the fascist Bu$h regime is welcome in Portland.

Not the 17th, the 18th 17.Feb.2004 16:01


Like I said, not the 17th, Wed.(tomorrow) the 18th. Sorry about that.

when exactly should we meet then? 17.Feb.2004 16:34

Raven apparition_of_peace@riseup.net

should we just meet at rock creek at 8:00 on thursday then? Perhaps we should meet someplace nearby and march to rock creek considering the fact that the school will be blocked off and there is no telling where people will end up in the confusion.

oops 17.Feb.2004 16:35


I mean wendsday... not thursady duh. sorry about that

meeting places 17.Feb.2004 17:07


There has not been a set meeting place (either by security or groups). I would suggest between blds. 2 and 3 by the koi fish fountain if we can. Jobs With Justice has a van leaving from the JWJ office to the campus, they will arrive at 8am. They have also rented one of the rooms. The campus is open. I am a student there and I know I still have classes. I don't know how they could secure the entire place. There's construction going on already and it is on a huge wetlands area. Parking will be sketchy-it already is with all the construction. Try to tri-met if possible.

what do we do? 17.Feb.2004 18:14

look at 'em...

make funny faces, OR just ignore 'em as insignificant Republican toady minions?

can't just ignore them 17.Feb.2004 18:46

worker supporter

If you look into the Jobs for the 21st Century plan, there is a provision to have adjunct teacher grants to employ people at the "top of their careers" to teach part time in k-12 and full time in middle and high schools. That's not such a huge thing, unless you are an actual teacher that could be employed teaching the same courses! The grants given to community colleges like PCC include provision to give "community grants" with the cooperation of business and coporate entities. There is no provisions for those underemployed, unemployed, working temporary services, working more than one job currently. It's kind of saying, "Well, sorry all you people. We'll try to make sure the future has jobs, but you're assed out. You future graduating students must also decide on jobs in the fields we find worthy to receive the additional grants. Yippee for all you business, tech, math, and science grads. Sorry you future social service workers, teachers, artists, writers, social science majors. You high school students must enroll in AP classes taught by people without teaching degrees to be eligable for you additional $1000 yearly". Either way, this promotion is shady. How do we know that? They sneak in from Spokane, have a closed meeting, and deny the public any kind of participation. The hand picked students can't even question the representatives? Why? What one earth could the students say that these people would not want to answer? They can't expect to come to the state with the 1st or 2nd highest rate of unemployment and have everyone be hunky dory with the visit. If people can't come because of the short notice or the funky time it is understandable. If people won't come because they think it is just so boring to have yet another pissing match for worker's and student's issues, I think that is lame.

you can't ignore them 17.Feb.2004 19:03

k-12 supporter

If you look into the Jobs for the 21st Century Plan, there is a provision for "adjunct teacher grants". People of the heighth of their careers can now teach certain subjects applicable to their careers (math, science, tech) full time in middle and high school, part time in k-12. Not such a bad deal unless you ARE a teacher that could teach the same course. There are also "community partnership" grants for community colleges like PCC to ensure that future grads in certain fields would get more money. But, that's only if you are a future grad. What about the workers that are unemployed, underemployed, working temp jobs, or multiple jobs right now? Well, you guys are just assed out. Hey, all you future grads, you can only receive more money if you are planning on graduating in certain fields (math, science, tech). Sorry all you social science, English, art, language, well, the rest of you. Why is this such a shady promotion of an otherwise GREAT plan? Really, what on earth could a student or worker prose to the representatives that they wouldn't want to answer? And why did they sneak into town from Spokane? For the people that can't come out in solidarity because of the time slot or the lack of notice, we understand. For the people that won't come out because of some preconceived idea about Wash. Co. SUV-driving hayseeds or because they're bored of worker/student's rights pissing matches with the current administration, that's lame. They chose this time, this location for a reason. They thought we wouldn't care.