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Solo Timber Sale Back on the Chopping Block!!!

A new Environmental Assesment is scheduled to be released for Solo within days - logging could begin early this summer!!
Ancient Yew at the Solo Timber Sale
Ancient Yew at the Solo Timber Sale
Last summer's "victory" at the Solo, Borg (Mt. Hood National Forest) and Straw Devil, Clark, East Devil, and Pryor (Willamette National Forest) appears to be all to short lived. Despite the best efforts of Cascadia's environmental movements (tree-sitters with the Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia Forest Alliance, legal efforts of the Western Environmental Law Center and Oregon Natural Resources Council, surveys by Bark, the Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team, & Cascadia Wildlands Project) Bush, the corrupt Forest $ervice beauracracy and the timber barons appear poised to have their way. Worse, with the elimination of the elimination of the Survey and Manage Protections the timber sales may actually be more severe than they were initially planned as "buffers" in the sales, removed because of the rare species that called them home, may well be eliminated. Lovers of the wild: get organized, get informed - it's going to be a long, hard summer.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: (503) 493-7495
address: address: PO Box 12583 Portland OR 97212

Something you can do 16.Feb.2004 22:45

Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense Network

Be there at the February 23rd Survey and Manage Protests!!


More information? 17.Feb.2004 17:16


Could you post information on the specific locations of the events? Want to be there.Thanks-a Cascadian Comrade.

protest locations 17.Feb.2004 20:36

Cascadia RiSiNG! action@cascadiarising.org

Protest locations:



And 17.Feb.2004 22:20


Why so early? A reasonable hour would get more people in my opinion. Alot of us have to work it would be easier in the afternoon and the rest of us will have hangovers and will be forced to crawl there at that hour, but will of course do that because we give a shit..

Resources on Solo/Borg logging plans 18.Feb.2004 14:46

Bark info@bark-out.org

You can read the new plans to log Borg and Solo at Bark's website:

Solo -  http://www.bark-out.org/tsdb/solo/Solo_DSA.pdf

Borg -  http://www.bark-out.org/tsdb/borg/Borg_DEA.pdf

Sample comment on Solo - please send a copy to Bark if you can of any letter you send (you can actually mail them to us and we'll send it for you too)....PO Box 12065, ZIP 97212

James Rice
595 NW Industrial
Estacada, OR 97023

Clackamas Ranger District, Mt. Hood National Forest:

I am writing to comment on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment for the Solo Timber Sale. The presence of the old growth speckle belly lichen (Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis), and the Malone Jumping Slug, as rare and uncommon species associated with old growth forest ecosystems, reveal the biological importance of the Solo sale area for preserving the once flourishing, now threatened biodiversity of the Oak Grove Watershed. According to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, habitat loss (land conversion) is the leading driver of biodiversity loss for temperate forests ecosystems like Solo. Neither Alternative A nor Alternative B are sufficient for the protection of these species, the protection of the Oak Grove sub watershed and the greater Clackamas watershed, or our precious bio-diversity. The Solo Sale needs to be entirely withdrawn. At the very least I urge you to drop units 4,7, 8, 10, 12 and 14 to better protect the extremely threatened biodiversity of the Oak Grove watershed, rather than further fragmenting it.




PO Box 12065, Portland, OR 97212
A tree slated for cutting at Solo
A tree slated for cutting at Solo
speckle belly lichen (Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis)
speckle belly lichen (Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis)