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Is Libertarian candidate Gary Nolan a Neocon?

Free the Eagle helped rally members of Congress behind Lt Colonel Oliver North and the Contra cause and lent office space and public relations advice to anti-Communist freedom-fighter movements in Mozambique and Angola ... and Gary Nolan is a board member.
Being on the Board of Directors for the group "Free the Eagle" calls Gary Nolan's commitment to Libertarian ideals into question -- the neo-con group has played a part in the affairs of the John Ashcroft, Jesse Helms, Ollie North, Iran-Contra, and the Mujahedin, to name but a few ...

NOVA Libertarians turn out for Gary Nolan
The Libertarian Party of Virginia
Crystal City, October 2, 2003

Libertarians from the Northern Virginia area turned out in force at last night's Farlandria Social Hour at the Crystal Square shopping mall to meet talk radio host and Presidential hopeful Gary Nolan ... Nolan, host of two nationally-syndicated radio shows, has been "America's Voice of Liberty" for more than a decade, reaching millions with his message of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and constitutionally-limited government.

From 1997 to 1999, in addition to hosting his nightly radio show, Gary Nolan served as President of Washington-based "Capitol Watch," a national government watchdog group. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the anti-tax group "FREE THE EAGLE." ...
SEE:  http://www.lpva.com/main/Archives/News/2003/20031002nolan.htm

FEC Record, August 1995, p.5

On June 5, 1995, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued consent judgments in these two cases. In both cases the FEC sought enforcement of conciliation agreements (MUR or Matter Under Review 2191) entered into by FREE THE EAGLE and by RUFFPAC and Tammy J. Lyles. Ms. Lyles was the managing director of FREE THE EAGLE and the treasurer of RUFFPAC.

In the stipulations for consent judgments, both defendants and Ms. Lyles admitted to being in breach of the conciliation agreement. Free the Eagle owed the Commission $5,000, and RUFFPAC and Ms. Lyles owed the Commission $8,000, both with interest accrued since November 15, 1994 ... Additionally, a $5,000 civil penalty was assessed against each defendant under 2 U.S.C. 437g(a)(6)(A) for breach of the conciliation agreement. The FEC agreed to waive both civil penalties provided that all parties complied with the court's consent judgment order and that all payments were timely.

A Right Wing Primer
Joseph F. Garcia
Technoraker.com, 1995

The CNP and Iran-contra
Council members also became enmeshed in the Iran-Contra Affair. In the first criminal case of the affair, conservative fundraiser Carl R. (Spitz) Channel pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the government by soliciting contributions for military aid to the Contras under the cover of a tax-exempt charitable foundation. Channell said he accompanied NSC-staffer Lt. Col. North to a quarterly meeting of the CNP held in Dallas on Sept. 13-14, 1985. North's briefings of CNP members began in 1983, and a tape of a CNP meeting held in Nashville, in 1983, was obtained by the Washington Post. Bentley Elliot, a former Reagan speech-writer, told The Post, "Let us remember that Ollie North's undying passion for the success of the Reagan Doctrine kept the flame of hope burning in the heart of the conservative movement..." By virtue of his NSC position, he [North] became the conservatives' principal source of what one called "inside" information. "We felt we were in the inside loop," said Neal Blair, president of FREE THE EAGLE. According to former Washington Post reporter Sidney Blumenthal:

One key target of North's efforts within the movement was the Council for National Policy (CNP) -- an obscure, exclusive organization of millionaires, fundamentalist preachers, top New Right politicos and members of Reagan's "Kitchen Cabinet." "The council is our hive, the greatest networking institution we have," said one participant. Among it's members, paying a $5,000 fee, are Nelson Bunker Hunt, Joseph Coors, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Marion G. (Pat) Robertson, Richard Viguerie, Paul Weyrich, Arnaud de Borchgrave and Henry Salvatori ...
SEE:  http://garciapublicaffairs.com/A%20Right%20Wing%20Primer.htm

The Stinger Missile and U.S. Intervention in Afghanistan
Alan J. Kuperman
Columbia University Press, 1999

... In early 1984, soon after being transferred to ISI from the Pakistani army, Yousaf entertained a visiting delegation of private American advocates of the Mujahedin cause. Groups such as the Federation for American-Afghan Action, Free the Eagle, Committee for a Free Afghanistan, and the Freedom Research Foundation played a key role in boosting U.S. aid for the rebels by calling media attention to their struggle and advising conservative members of Congress ...
SEE:  http://www.ciaonet.org/book/caraley/ch07.html

Diana Banister
October 28, 1999

Chairman David A. Keene today announced that Republican Senator John Ashcroft will give the opening speech at the 27th annual Conservative Political Action Conference, set for January 20th - 22nd at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia ... "It's certainly good news for the conference, but more importantly, it's good news for the conservative movement--it says a lot when presidential candidates, who are beginning to sign on, are willing to be with us in Washington just days before the Iowa Caucuses."

CPAC 2000 co-sponsors on board as of today are ... FREE THE EAGLE ...
SEE:  http://www.cpac.org/cpacpr102899.htm.

An Ollie North Ally Buys a TV Campaign Mocking Mrs. Clinton
Greg Sargent and Josh Benson
March 17, 2000

... One of his lobbying organizations, FREE THE EAGLE, helped rally members of Congress behind Lieut. Col. Oliver North and the contra cause. FREE THE EAGLE lent office space and public relations advice to anti-Communist freedom-fighter movements in Mozambique and Angola in the mid-80's, according to Ms. Lyles.

Mr. Ruff boasts that he and Mr. North persuaded President Ronald Reagan to send Stinger missiles to the Afghan freedom fighters, who were battling the Soviet army in Afghanistan in the mid-80's.

"[We] basically turned that war into a stalemate," Mr. Ruff said proudly.

Ruffpac also engineered the write-in victory of Representative Ron Packard in California in 1982. It launched a campaign against the Rev. Jesse Jackson during his bid for the 1988 Democratic Presidential nomination. And the political action committee pounded away mercilessly at Speaker of the House Jim Wright of Texas in 1989, who eventually resigned.

According to Ms. Lyles, Ruffpac has raised and spent more than $25 million since 1981 on various causes and candidates.

But Mr. Ruff has run into trouble. The Federal Election Commission has twice fined Ruffpac and once fined FREE THE EAGLE for illegal activities on behalf of Senator Jesse Helms and Senator Orrin Hatch, among others ...
SEE:  http://www.free-market.net/forums/main0002b/messages/061315853.html

Burning Embers
by Bill Berkowitz, WorkingForChange.com
October 24, 2001

... By November 1985, the Wall Street Journal reported that "President Reagan endorsed covert aid for the insurgents [UNITA], a move welcomed by right-wing groups." Among the stalwart supporters of UNITA were the anti-Castro Cuban American National Foundation, the American Republic Foundation, a group established by the College Republican National Committee, the American Angolan Public Affairs Council, an offshoot of FREE THE EAGLE, a group also supporting Afghan "freedom fighters," and the Conservative Caucus. Savimbi worked the lobbyist front, hiring the well-connected Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly, Inc., a firm focusing on polishing Savimbi's image... .
SEE:  http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=11798

Tom Ridge should screen our foreign visitors
Vincent R. Caravan
January 19, 2002

Tammy Lyles is executive director of FREE THE EAGLE, a non-profit organization that promotes a patriotic agenda. A commendable mission! Ms. Lyles' latest campaign is a petition which demands the DEPORTATION of 17,000 people whose native countries are sponsors of terrorism.

Ms. Lyles wants those she has contacted to sign the petition, enclose $25 to $1,000 or more, and return it so she can show Tom Ridge we want those foreigners out of here. Mr. Ridge, of course, is director of Homeland Security, which was recently established by President Bush ...

Naturally, not all 17,000 are potential terrorists; maybe only a few are, or maybe none. They are here on visas, some on missions highly beneficial to this country, others with no ulterior motives. However, we are now in a state of war, as the president has so often declared. Security of the homeland is of utmost importance.

According to Ms. Lyles' count, we have in our midst 14,344 Syrians, 445 Libyans and 2,493 Iraqis. Those countries definitely are not our best friends, but all the people native to them are not our enemies. It certainly should not be a great insult if we put a freeze on visas and politely tell those now here to leave the country till some future time when we feel less threatened ...
SEE:  http://www.valleynewsonline.com/news/2002/0119/Viewpoints/084.html

The Unholy Alliance: Christianity & The NWO - Part I
Eric Jewell, Rense.com
February 25, 2002

... Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable
Another Rev. Sun Myung Moon associated group is called the 'Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable'. This group is made up of many of the same members from Rev. Moons' CNP (The Council Of National Policy) and CRF (Coalition For Religious Freedom) organizations. It marries leading Moon associated evangelicals to the CIA, the Council for Foreign relations, the Trilateral Commission and Freemasonry. CFR, and TLC are closely tied to the Bilderberg group. The following list of members of the Council of 56 of the Religious Roundtable can be found here  http://www.pir.org/gw/rrt.txt

Past members of the Council of 56 include ... Neal Blair, President of FREE THE EAGLE ...
SEE: http://www.rense.com/general20/unholy.htm

The Heritage Foundation

he original funding and office space for the mujahedeen support group, Committee for a Free Afghanistan, came from Heritage. Heritage's senior public relations counsel, Hugh C. Newton is listed as principal contact for Behind the Lines, a monthly newsletter dedicated to support of the Afghan contras. It is published by Humanitarian News Service which is a part of the Council for International Development (formerly the Mercy Fund). The Heritage Foundation also houses Howard Ruff's rightwing group, FREE THE EAGLE. Free The Eagle in turn provides office space to the Federation for American Afghan Action...
SEE:  http://www.namebase.org/gw/hf.txt

The Conservative Caucus (TCC)

Background: Jesse Helms, ultraconservative Senator from North Carolina, was the driving force behind the formation of The Conservative Caucus (TCC). Helms, acting on a memo from his top political adviser, John Carbaugh, encouraged his staff member, Howard Phillips, to start the organization. Phillips worked with the direct mail wizard of the New Right, Richard Viguerie, in 1974 to form the organization. TCC's first field director was Ed McAteer.(39)

TCC is an aggressive grassroots lobbying group that works at the congressional district level to have its ultraconservative agenda implemented at the national level. TCC is stridently anticommunist, pro-military, pro-free enterprise, and pro-family. Its stated principles are: 1) right to enjoy the income from one's own labor; 2) right to personal security; 3) right to educational freedom; 4) right to religious liberty; 5) right to life; 6) right to national sovereignty; 7) right to economic justice; 8) right to be individually judged; 9) right to political and economic liberty; and 10) right to self-government.

TCC has three divisions: the lobbying arm, the TCC Political Action Committee, and TCC Research, Analysis & Education Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization. TCC reported in 1990 that it had 750,000 members and a fulltime staff of 25.

... Co-signing the TCC ad opposing the implementation of UN 435 were ... representatives from FREE THE EAGLE ...
SEE: http://rightweb.irc-online.org/groupwatch/tcc.php

The Council for National Policy (CNP)

Background: According to one source, the CNP was formed in 1981 by Texas millionaires Nelson Bunker Hunt, Herbert Hunt, and T. Cullen Davis. A second source reports that it was formed by Richard Viguerie to rival the Council on Foreign Relations. The council is composed of politically powerful, wealthy individuals. It intentionally maintains a very low profile. One of the conditions of membership is not to reveal the names of other members or the substance of the group's meetings.

The CNP bills itself as being the Council on Foreign Policy for the Right. But, its importance does not lie in producing and promoting an ultra-conservative foreign policy agenda, many of its affiliates already do that. It is considered by its members as a network that encompasses the entire spectrum of right-wing politics. It provides a "safe" place for representatives of a wide range of ultra-conservative, anticommunist, pro-military organizations--including the executive branch of the White House--to discuss and promote their programs.

Representing the New Right and NEO-CONS: Hon. Ben Blackburn, pres of the Southeastern Legal Fdn; Hon. Morton Blackwell, Leadership Insitute; Neal B. Blair, pres of FREE THE EAGLE ...
Photographic evidence of Neocon ties 18.Feb.2004 13:04

Eagle Eye

I was asked, "Are you sure that Nolan's 'Free the Eagle' is the same as Ruff's 'Free the Eagle'? I can't really find any hard information (address, phone #, web site) for either."

Well here's the proof: They are one in the same -- click this link to see a photo of Gary Nolan and Tammy Lyles (executive director of FREE THE EAGLE) standing together. -  http://www.garynolan.com/photos.shtml

NOTE: it's listed under "MORE PHOTOS"
Grover Nordquist (Americans for Tax Reform), Tammy Lyles (Free the Eagle), and Gary Nolan -  http://www.garynolan.com/photos/norquist.jpg

Makes you sick to your stomach, doesn't it?!