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Jesus Backs Bush in 2004

Jesus has finally chosen his candidate for the upcoming election...
Try it without the glitzy blasphemy ! 16.Feb.2004 22:13

Nopey Duke

For more balanced reporting, without the blasphemy, try:  http://www.globalfreepress.com/article.pl?sid=03/03/06/0051209 also available through  http://www.remixingamerica.net/

Yah! 16.Feb.2004 23:43

Fuck the god of darkness and Sally/Macdonalds too!

The next time you think about going to MacDonalds for something to eat, you will be supporting the GRIM REAPER bush&co

Yeah, sure 17.Feb.2004 09:14

PortlandVegan Rhodk269@hsd.k12.or.us OR PortlandVegan@hotmail.com

Yeah, sure...I can picture Jesus(the true definition of hippie... a guy of pure love) putting his gun to the head of an innocent Iraqi and blowing his brains out...yeah, sure...

*rolls eyes*

Funny Only to the Ignorant 17.Feb.2004 09:51

Thomas CtH@cthgathering.org

This kind of sarcasm appeals only to ignorant pretend intellectuals who let Bush and company define who Jesus was and what he worked for to them. An earlier comment got it right "Jesus (the true definition of hippie... a guy of pure love)" was killed by the state because he was a ragged anarchist who upset the status quo, preaching love, non-violence and community solidarity.

Which Jesus? 17.Feb.2004 14:55


The false one as prophesized in the Bible, you know the anti-christ, or the PC Jesus of the Zionist Christian Right?
Judging by his fruits, I would say Bush is backed by the same Phariseic Talmudic Leaders that hated the truth then as now.

A moment of Zen 17.Feb.2004 19:17

The truth

Jesus lived in an earlier time because the ravenous greed by all humans multiplied by our current population and supported/inspired by too willing leaders was just too much for a mere mortal.

The PR firm of Robertson/Falwell has been incredibly successful in transforming a black Jew into something bigger than Elvis.