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MEDIA ALERT! Stay tuned for Wednesday night telecast of very

those with cable that get Cinemax, will want to have empty video
handy so as to record this movie when it airs Wednesday, February
18th, and it's a given...the Bush crowd will do all they can to
keep it from being shown again. So...tape it and share it with
your family, friends and associates.
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ALERT: Set your VCRs. Controversial Bush Bio Airs on Wednesday

On February 18, Cinemax will air "Horns and Halos," a controversial documentary detailing the administration's attempts to destroy J. Hatfield, the author of the Bush biography "Fortunate Son." The critical biography contains accounts of numerous scandalous activities including Bush going AWOL from the National guard, his selling of his stocks in Harken Oil just before they became worthless. The Bush administration pressured the original publisher into recalling the book and burning as many existing copies as possible. Fortunately another publisher continues to publish the book --despite pressure from the administration. The author was recently found dead under suspicious circumstances. He allegedly died of a drug overdose, but he had no known history of drug use.