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9 Cites Plan for Survey and Manage Day-of-Action!

In Portland protests will be held at the Region Six Forest Service Headquarters at 333 SW First Avenue. We will be meeting up beforehand at 8 a.m SHARP at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park downtown at 8am and going to the FS HQ from there.
The cover of the document outlining the extinction plan
The cover of the document outlining the extinction plan
Save the Species! Cascadia wide Day of Action:




Monday February 23rd, join the Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense Network and Back to the WALL in a region wide day of resistance to species extinction and forest destruction in your backyard!

In Portland protests will be held at the Region Six Forest Service Headquarters at 8 a.m. SHARP at 333 SW First Avenue. Protests are also planned in Bellingham, WA, Olympia, WA, Wenatachee, WA, Eugene, OR, Ashland, OR, Detroit, OR, and Eureka CA. Solidarity protests may also be held in San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Bush and Mark Rey (former timber industry lobbyist / Undersecretary of Agriculture in charge of the federal, public lands timber sale program) just released a final draft of a plan to eliminate "Survey and Manage" species protections. Survey and Manage was created as a result of the Spotted Owl controversy of the 80's and 90's mandates that surveys be made for rare and little known species before any timber sale in western California, Oregon, or Washington takes place - a basic "look before you log" requirement.

Survey and Manage has been a lynchpin of combating timber sales under the legal system for years ? and was the basis of the Straw Devil / Solo / Clark timber sale victories last summer.

Some things to think about:

These and other victories will now all but certainly be reversed. As many as 100 timber sales deemed illegal over the last decade may be reopened.
Several hundred rare and poorly studied species will lose all protection under the plan, which should take effect within a few months; already the agencies charged with looking for these species have lain off virtually their entire survey staff.
The decision could also reopen the original Spotted Owl lawsuit under the federal Endangered Species Act which was the most significant forest management controversy in modern times.
Timber sale planning will be greatly expedited in Cascadia.
This is only one of several other MAJOR changes to environmental laws in the past year ? e.g., the Healthy Forest Initiative, downgrading of the Aquatic Conservation Strategy, elimination of the Roadless Rule, and insane "shock and awe" logging experiments like the Biscuit Salvage, etc., etc.
While mainstream environmental groups scramble to access the damage to their legal system tactics, others are increasingly realizing that a new era of ?lawless logging? is now upon us and that only massive public outcry can hope to make a difference.

We ask you to join the resistance to species extinction, environmental collapse, corporate greed. Please be there, bright and early, February 23rd!

Lots more info at www.cascadiarising.org/sam/ and  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/02/279703.shtml

Contact Back to the WALL 503.649.8493 /  back2thewall_pdx@yahoo.com
Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense Network 503.493.7495 /  action@cascadiarising.org

(PS Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense is not the same as our SE Portland friends at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop)

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: 503.649.8493 WALL
address: address: 503.493.7495 CR

We need to meet earlier than 8 am! 17.Feb.2004 07:19


We need to meet at 07:30 am to discuss our strategy and coordinate the march to the forest service building. The march will leave the ship monument at Waterfront Park right before 8.
We need to be there before that!