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We Demand The Zionist-controlled Pigs Release Brother Ryan G. Anderson!!!

We Demand The Zionist-controlled Pigs Release Brother Ryan G. Anderson!!!
Reject the Occupation!!! Fight The Imperialist/Zionist Global Dictatorship!!!
Reject the Occupation!!! Fight The Imperialist/Zionist Global Dictatorship!!!
We Demand The Zionist-controlled Pigs Release Brother Ryan G. Anderson!!!

For those of you who have not Heard Ryan G. Anderson, a GI, and convert to Islam, is being held by the Zionist $nakes of AmeriKKKa, on charges of Refusing to go to Iraq and kill his fellow Islamic Brothers and Sisters as well as having attempted to contact principled Islamic Resistance Organizations Favorable to Shaykh Usama Bin Laden. We call on All Pro-Resistance Forces to Defend the Militant Stance of Our Brother, uconditionally, and to bring pain and suffering upon the Imperialist/Zionist Global Dictatorship until it coughs our Brother Ryan G. Anderson up from its Belly. It is unclear, wheither or not, Brother Anderson really was trying to contact Anti-Imperialist / Anti-Zionist Forces to give them US Military Secrets, or if it is another lie from the Imperialists. If he did try to give them secrets GOOD JOB!!!


We call on your esteemed organizations and personages to send us statements demanding the release of this Heroic and Revolutionary Brother!!!!

In the Spirit of John Brown, Nat Turner, Malik El-Shabazz, and Hasan Karim Akbar, REVOLUTION!!!

Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity

this posting sure make's more sense than what USDOD claims 16.Feb.2004 16:38

a sober American

Unlike our "dry drunk" President, I am a sober American, and after reading the
above posting, I find it far more believable than what the USDOD gave out on
this case last week. As I read the AP reports and saw the local-TV News (such
as it is) report on this young soldier, something smelled awful "fishy" about
it all. I just don't believe 'em anymore! I mean, if they'll lie over some-
thing as important as WMD and all the war-profiteering going on, then why are
we to believe 'em on something like this? F**k 'em...F**k 'em ALL, for if the
same people that wantonly kill women and children, come next to turn on one of
their own, why should we be simpleton-citizen's and believe them? Don't is the
thing to do...support this young soldier, as apparently he is being zeroed in
on for his beliefs and having let those beliefs soften his heart to where he
wanted no part of the wanton killing of innocents. Where's the CRIME in that?
Wake up fellow Americans, and stop being like our "dry drunk" President...on a
raging drunk of self-importance, and sober up to the realities of WHAT we've
become, WHAT "they" are doing in our name, and WHY we are now the most hated
people on this planet and have yet to reap the whirlwind that is soon coming, that pray God, we collectively may yet forestall, by getting our collective act
together and rid ourselves of these scummy scabs as leaders who've stolen their
way into the coridors of power and wickedly rule, while we remain complacent!
When God tires of our complacency, laziness, ignorance, and unwillingly to re-
move the scales before our eyes, we shall indeed have hell to pay as a people!

FBI POST - IGNORE IT 16.Feb.2004 17:54


The GeoCities website is owned by the same people that own the KOBE website. The email is answered from the IP address. This is a string operation. Stay away from it.

To anti-Fbi 16.Feb.2004 18:51

John Paul Cupp

Either you are
1. Blatantly slandering.
2. you concern is for security. I know who KOBE is and have no idea why you suggest it is the same e-mail.

In any case, the IRSN is not an undeground organization by any means. Both in Portland and amongst the Arab Diaspora it is know of. I am the webiste editor, and while most people hate my guts in the Zionazi controlled town, they know quite clearly who I am. In fact we are giving an anti-occupation solidarity presentation March 19th.

Supporting US Troops that reject serving as occupiers is a non-negoiable principle right now, and also a litmust test for rooting out opertunism. This is not " extremism" in the sense of being wreckless adventurism, but rather a key ideological process necassary to building, maintaining, and co-ordinating Pro-Resistance in a nation as backwards as ours were the overwhelming majority of " progressive" forces function within the parameters of "leftwing" Imperialism/Zionism, Arab Liberation is made " kosher" by reducing it to a Palestinian " civil rights" issue, and arab/islamic resistance is demonized as terrorists. Also, Key is that the number one foco point in the " anti-globalist" struggle is objectively in Iraq Right now, and at such a heightened contradiction that the primary mode is armed struggle. The geo-politics ramifications of Iraq are huge, and affect the world scale for at least 50 years.
The US Imperialist ackowledge 478 GI's were killed last year, but the real number, even by their accounts is 3245


In any case, what I am getting at, friend, is that primary mode in our era of fierce anti-imperialist class struggle is the gun, but in the US were things are so backwards, the ideological struggle is the number one key, that is a hard fought battle over principles. Unity is key, but united fronts can only exist within principled parameters. Somethings are non-negotiable. As anti-imperialist resistance in the periphery ("third world") is one of them. Also things are the product of the methodology used to create them. A large movement which lacks coherancy is a square wheel, and less effective than even a handful of people on page with one another, with a principled work either, and a solid scientific world view.

so you say that's an FBI website? 16.Feb.2004 18:58

makes sense, as I wondered about

some of the wording? Not what your "typical" Rad-Arab would likely say...just
a bureaucrat trying to act like one. Guess these FBI folk's are wanting some-
thing to do, so they are out trolling for "someone" to pounch on next. Guess
it's time to put away the paperback books, quite sitting around filing their
fingernails, and go do some "work" for the government. What a joke???

That is not an FBI website! 17.Feb.2004 08:10


Listen, if it makes you feel better to think that JP Cupp and his website is FBI, fine. Some of us know differently. I know it gives some people warm fuzzies to think that everybody that expresses radical thought is working for the "man". This time you are wrong. I suppose you will think I'm a troll too. You'd be wrong again.

Bottom Line 17.Feb.2004 19:37

If it's in IndyMedia, it's being looked at by our enemies

Ryan is reported to be someone who did something. It is pointless to conjecture motive.

The issue is that GW is wrong and all the goal of real humans is to work for a fair and (all to often difficult) just society.

The compassionate ones do not waste time arguing values to those who smoke cigarettes and eat Twinkies, because time is better spent assisting the disenfranchised and the planet. Twinkie eaters have already voted for their man.

It's a sad, sad story.... 17.Feb.2004 20:34


How unfortunate it all is. Here at indymedia, the participants are bickering over the veracity and/or intent of a website which is filled with a mishmash of ideology, legitimate news and absurdity, while Bush and his goons are laying waste to an ancient and honorable civilization.

Merely brings to mind the adage that the first thing war destroys is the truth.

Can we all please strive for objectivity....or is that just wishful thinking?


Objective comment 17.Feb.2004 22:48

Passin' thru

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