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Paying Tribute to the Dear Leader on his 62nd Birthday:An Open Letter to KIM JONG IL!

Paying Tribute to the Dear Leader on his 62nd Birthday:
An Open Letter to Great Marshal KIM JONG IL

Excerpt From "Marshal KIM JONG IL
Tribute Page" as part of the Feb.16th Campaign Sponsored By the Korean Friendship Association
Great Helmsman of the Songun Era, Leader KIM JONG IL!!!
Great Helmsman of the Songun Era, Leader KIM JONG IL!!!
Paying Tribute to the Dear Leader on his 62nd Birthday:
An Open Letter to Great Marshal KIM JONG IL

To His Excellancy, the Leader of the International Communist Movement, and the Greatest Example of Anti-US Independence, Marshal KIM JONG IL,

Dear Comrade,

The Honor is all mine in writing to you on the 62nd anniversary of your birth, February 16th Juche 93. On behalf the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee (USA), and the Songun Politics Study Group (USA), the honor is all mind in telling you how dear we hold the Army-based Socialist Example of Juche-type Socialist Korea. We are working with various Revolutionary and Progressive Organizations and Personages, to bring the electrifying Pro-Songun, Pro-Juche, KIM IL SUNG-type leadership style to the Masses in the US.

With great success, we have a large and comprehensive website dedicated to the Songun Postulate of the DPRK, and to uphold its leadership, which is none other than the WPK, guided by you, great genius and friend, our Beloved leader KIM JONG IL. We have begun with assistance from the NDFSK to circulate the e-book "Sun of Songun Treasure-swords: Selected Aphorisms of Great Marshal KIM JONG IL". We have also added a Songun Study Room, an NDFSK Tribute Page, Selections from the works of the Eternal President Comrade KIM IL SUNG , and yourself, the Great Helmsman of the Songun Era, Leader KIM JONG IL. For your birthday, because we love the way you stand up to the US, our common hated enemy, and the police state responsible for our repression, poverty, and misery, we have added a "Marshal KIM JONG IL Tribute Page". We hope you take it as a symbol of our admiration for you that it is captioned "The Sun of Songun and a Brilliant Iron-willed Supreme Commander: A Thankful Tribute to a Great Leader and Friend on the Occasion of his 62nd Birthday February 16th Juche 93." Our only hope is that it demonstrates your wisdom to the masses in the US.

Please receive my congradulations for standing up to the idiot fascist US Imperialists at the 6 way talks in Bejeing. By winning the ideological struggle under your wise care, The DPRK is leading the way to freedom, we so many other revolutions were swallowed whole by revisionism and came to final ruin. We look forward to

In the US we began to dance for joy when it was formally announce that the DPRK reserved its right to the Nuclear Defensive Force against the Fascist US Imperialists. Smash them Comrade KIM JONG!!! It is still very backwards in the US, which up until a few decades ago was a full- blown apartheid state, but we are working hard to demand the US sign a non-aggression treaty with the DPRK and pull its GI Mercenary Occupation Troops out of the south.

We are with you and the people of the DPRK. We are with you to the end. In the event of war we are with you. It is such a hell on earth here. It would only be the end of misery!!! Congradulations on defending the working masses and their gains, of leading the charge of single-hearted unity and filial devotion to a single great idea, which has resulted in the glory of Korean-Style Socialism, based on the masses as the DPRK goes its own way free of Imperialist dictates!!!
Happy Birthday Beloved Leader, whose very name stands for Socio-Political Integrity, Creativity, Freedom, and Independence. We at the Songun Politics Study Group (USA) will always strive to be communists of the KIM JONG IL-type!

John Paul Cupp, Chairman,
Songun Politics Study Group (USA)

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup/SunofSongunMarshalKIMJONGILTributePage.html

Are you insane 17.Feb.2004 00:02


John Cupp

Please move to the NK or kill yourself. The gene pool will thank you.

Kim Jong Il is responsible for horrible Prison Camps in the DPRK 17.Feb.2004 01:01


Dear Mr. Cupp,

Marshal Kim Jong Il is responsible for horrible prison camps in the DPRK. Around 200000 people are tortured and starving.

Read this report: www.hrnk.org/TheHiddenGulag-press.pdf
Look at this page: www.freenorthkorea.net
Google for North Korea and Human Rights to learn more.

The document "the hidden Gulag" contains a lot of testimonies and detailed satellite images.

Does any Songun supporter think all this is fabricated?

How could you be sure that this is not true? The DPRK leadership wants to eradicate pro-imperialist class-enemies as Stalin did in Soviet Gulags. What makes you sure, that Kim Jong Il does not use similar methods and prison camps? The abduction of Japanese people was revealed last year after decades of denial.

Anyway, if there would be no Gulags at the described areas in North Korea, why does the DPRK leadership not invite Amnesty International or other NGO's to check this and prove this report false?

Or do you think these atrocities are justified to support the great Songun politics?

May I kindly ask for a serious answer?

let's celebrate Kim Jong Il's birthday... 18.Feb.2004 13:43


by receiving severe beatings while standing in line for potatoes and toilet paper.

Against the Fascist US Imperialists 10.Mar.2005 23:58

Shaka Shabazz

Marshal Kim Jong Il is indeed a Brilliant Iron-willed Supreme Commander. He is fighting the imperialists and winning.