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Blow Bush away in online poll.

NewsMax, the Ultra-Conservative online rag is doing a poll. Let's blow their minds by making Bush lose.
Click on the link and vote against the Motherfvcker:

eum... 16.Feb.2004 15:27

Tony Blair's dog

That poll is for the scumbags to know who they will spend money on.
Pretty clear that Kerry is their man too.

I'd be very very careful giving NewsMax any info, such as 16.Feb.2004 17:03

e-mail addresses

cause they are a rabid ultra-rightwing gang of crazies that'll rig their poll
to find out "who" doesn't like Bush, then having your e-mail/name (as you have
to give 'em that to get your vote counted), then they'll make up a list and it
won't be long till it's passed over to the Republican's and you'll end up with
a knock on the door and trip (one-way at that) to one of their concentration
camps. That's what these kind of WhiteTrashy people are like...beware of 'em!

You Mean - 16.Feb.2004 17:49

a Boner vs. Boner poll?

boners win!
Skull and Bones 2004!
Skull and Bones 2004!

Nice pin! 16.Feb.2004 18:36

Tony Blair's dog