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Rapists against Rape?

Rich Mackin, a known sexual assaulter, is speaking about men stopping rape but has yet to claim to the sexual assualts/rapes he has committed

Tuesday, February 17th at 7pm at 2124 SE Oak St.
the e-mail below was sent to a local revolutionary male allies network group (in forming) from Rich Mackin. As male allies we do not support Rich Mackin in his manipulation and profiteering off his actions. Actions he has not owned up to, and not accepted accountability towards. As allies we support survivors and condemn Rich Mackin and his audacity to speak about stopping rape when he himself has nothing to show for his owning up to and accountability. It is disgusting, and we will be there as allies with our women comrades, to show our support for survivors and our intolerance of sexual assault within our community. Join us.

smash rape culture, build revolution - revolutionary anti sexist men

here is the e-mail Rich sent us, after that is a previous post on indymedia from women comrades calling for support in opposing Rich's "talk".
From: Rich Mackin < richmackin@earthlink.net>
Subject: Men Can Stop Rape Reportback Feb 17

Hello all,

Hope life has been good for everyone. I am back from travelling, and
would like to share what I learned and did at the Men Can Stop Rape
workshops in DC last month, so I will be doing an informal presentation at
the Oak St house (home of several members of ALLIES) on Tuesday Feb 17,
2004. In general, this will discuss sexism on a cultural level and
should not touch upon triggering topics. Despite the name, it was a co-ed
training and I would like to see people or all genders come to this
informal reportback.

In brief

Informal Men Can Stop Rape training reportback
Portland OR
Tuesday, Feb 17, 7pm
Open to all, but please be considerate that this is a private home.

I would also be interested in doing similar events at other times and
locations, email me with suggestions.

Rapists Against Rape?
author: women in the community

Rich Mackin is speaking about men stopping rape but has yet to claim to the sexual assualts/rapes he has committed

Rich Mackin, a known sexual assaulter, will be speaking on Tuesday, February 17th at 7pm at 2124 SE Oak St.

Rich Mackin is presenting an informal reportback from the "Men Can Stop Rape" conference. While we, as women and trans folk in the local Portland community completely support the "Men Can Stop Rape" campaign we cannot on any level support the evening of reportbacks presented by Rich Mackin. Rich Mackin has been called out on sexual assualt and rape openly by three women and has had numerous annoynamous callouts by other women in the Boston and Portland anti-authoritarian community. Originally Rich openly identified with these statements and claimed to be working to meet with the surviviors of the assaults he committed. However, after leaving Boston for Portland, Mackin found it easier to deny his assaults and at this point uses alternative forms of media to deny his assaults and to defend any sexual assualt that he rubs elbows with. There have been many confrontations in the Portland community with Mackin, both from feminists and anti sexists alike to no avail. He, like all other other perpatrators will deny these situations when he has the support from a predominately patriarchal community and will continue to rape and assault until he is made to stop.

As long as Rich continues to garner support from the community, he has no incentive to stop his assaultive behavior. Show support for surviviors and do not attend this report back. Show further support and make a visible presence against his hypocritical stance of teaching others how to stop rape while he himself refuses to accept any responsbility for his multiple assaults.
question for residents of the oak street house 16.Feb.2004 13:41

pdx indy editor

i see the invitation says, "Open to all, but please be considerate that this is a private home." i understand the point of this post is to discourage folks going there, but should the address of this house be removed from these posts, as it is quite an infringement on the privacy of the people who live there?