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An Open Letter To George W Bush: Part 4

The "Faith" Based Imperial President
An Open Letter to George W Bush: Part 4
The 'Faith' Based 'Imperial' President
By: Jack Dalton

I swear George, when you get going about "faith" and your "faith" based initiatives you sound more like a T.V. preacher than a T.V. preachers does. It all sounds so, well, Norman Rockwell.

Through the façade, however, the smoke screen you and your people put up, all I see is a two-bit con-man with a rich daddy and well connected "friends." You sir are an extortionist, pure and simple. But then virtually every "imperial" head of every empire throughout history has been the same... you are no exception.

I have to take my tip my hat to you and your menagerie of spin-masters, the masters of deception, on one thing George: Not only have you all managed to convince a large body of the American people that the lies, misinformation, disinformation you bombard all with are truth and fact, you and your cabal have actually gotten them to take personal action and give you their support—absolutely amazing! Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you. You, your "wild bunch" and the really, really, really big PR firms that work for you (at tax payers expense) have given a whole new meaning to "manufacturing consent" and "necessary illusions" (both are titles of books written by Noam Chomsky—if you have not read these, I highly recommend reading them).

All your non-stop carping about "faith" got me to thinking about faith and what it is that I have "faith" in. So George, this old disabled vet is going to share just a few of the many things I have "faith" in, as you like to put it. Where you and your cabal are concerned George, I have "faith", faith that you will end up destroying the very founding principals of this country if people do not rise up and fire your lying, thieving self along with the entire crowd around you.

I have "faith" that you will continue to "use" your position as President, led by your chief political "thug" and spin master, Karl Rove, to do and say anything (lie, steal, cheat and so forth) in your quest to get your pompous, elitist self re-elected (or court appointed as in 2000). You stole one election and have everything in place to do it again (check out Bev Harris's site, www.blackboxvoting.com , for information on how elections are manipulated and stolen).

I have "faith" that with the assistance of Fox "news" a large portion of the population of this country will continue being duped into believing the lies and deceit coming from you are truth and fact. (www.fair.org/extra/0108/fox-main.html ).

I have "faith" that you will continue your perverted attempt to convince us all that the "means" to an end are not as important as achieving the "end." Wrong George. It is the "means" that gives credibility and justification of an "end." It is not the other way around. The people fighting and dying in Iraq know that---what's your problem?

I have "faith" that while jobs are being shipped out of the country, unemployment still rising, manufacturing jobs being forever lost, you will be there to continue your fight for the upward redistribution of wealth. Your "tax cuts" have played a major role in this obscene scenario. You need to take a look at Lou Dobbs "Exporting America George, it's an eye opener (www.cnn.com/lou).

I have "faith" that you and the members of your "imperial court" will always go around the Constitution whenever it presents itself a stumbling block to your empire expansion plans. Good old John Ashcroft, you know, the guy that lost the 2000 senatorial race to a dead man so you make him Attorney General, is right there to help you dismantle the Bill of Rights. The Patriot Act, need I say more? Congress gets in the way... just do another of your infamous "executive orders." It seems that you have used executive orders more than any other Prez in history... you are setting all kinds of records, aren't you Georgie boy?

I have "faith" that when the young people serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else they are being shot at, killed, wounded and poisoned with Depleted Uranium, the Department of Defense, the Pentagon and the Veterans Administration, will turn their collective backs on them. You can't tell me I'm wrong on this assessment, it's already happening! "Pre-existing" conditions, non-combat related, not job related, and all the rest of the cheap ways you write them off and cast them aside. But then that is standard operational procedures for all empires. You can ask any of us that have fought in the last few wars we will be more than happy to bring a little reality and lay it on you.

I have faith that you and yours will continue to give of us doctored and phony totals of the dead and wounded in your little "adventure." According to Joe Vialls, a private investigator on disability, as of Feb 1, 04, the actual death toll was 1188. What about that George? But then you don't really care how many die, do you? (www.informationclearinghouse.info/article5641.htm)

There is a lot more that I have "faith" in where you and your cabal are concerned, but that will come in another letter George. So I'll close by telling you this: Above all George, I have faith that the larger body of the American people will see through all your half-truths, "mis-speaks," deceptions and disinformation (lies to some of us). I have faith that when they do, they will see and understand what you, the Project for a New American Century and the rest of your pack of Straussian ideologues are really up to---empire, pure and simple. I'll never forget what you said when you first came to office, "this would be much easier if this were a dictatorship, as long as I was the dictator." "Out of the mouth proceedeth the intentions of the heart." You'll find that one in Proverbs" Georgie boy.

You see George, even through my cynicism; I still believe that the heart of the majority of the American people is essentially good. And as such wants to see and do what is right, fair, good and just. Right, left, Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, makes no difference... most of us are a little of it all. This is the America that in the end, hopefully, will bring down the "House of Bush." In this I do have faith.

It just really irks me to no end knowing that once you are out of office, the American people will continue to have to dig into their collective pockets to pay you and a staff, forever... I mean really, where is the justice?

Jack Dalton
Portland, Or
Jack_  Dalton@ommp.org

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