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IMAGE: The Bastard Children of Leo Strauss, The History and Geneology of NEOCONS

Useful as a reference link here, or as a single image to pass around.
The Bastard Children of Leo Strauss
The Bastard Children of Leo Strauss
neoconservative ideology REALLY gets to me. 16.Feb.2004 15:52

this thing here

>Truth, he believed, was the preserve of an elite few who might have to tell "noble lies" - an idea he lifted from Plato - to the uncomprehending masses.

Are political entities, asked the charismatic Strauss, "not compelled to use force and fraud... if they are to prosper?"<

... and the rest was history.

and so rove and staff carry copies of machiavelli around with them.

and so the entire bush admin could lie it's ass off time and time again about WMD's to argue for an unjustifiable war.

and so, if you replace "political entities" with "corporate entities", you get enron and all the other corporate scandals that have happened, and are yet to happen.

and it's all supposed to be "o.k."

everything that could possibly go wrong in a democracy is summarized precisely by the neoconservative argument. they are arguing for something wrong, for a mistake, for a bad idea. in fact, it really is nothing more than an argument for an abusive, self-serving, illegitemate nobility, who can lie to, abuse and run roughshod over the "uncomprehending masses", if the neoconservatives are (and here's the machiavelli kicking in) "prosper". if that's not a recipe for dictatorship, for authoritarianism, for some kind of right wing, statist, belligerant, reactionary corporatism that we are already getting a whiff of in 2004, i don't know what is.

if everything strauss wanted happened in the way he wanted it to happen, it would be a disaster. FUCK YOUR WORTHLESS NEOCONSERVATIVE BULLSHIT.

Opportunism by any other (postmodernist) name 16.Feb.2004 22:34

Nopey Duke

Don't blame it on poor Plato (or Socrates): I was present in Chicago in 1958 when Strauss shocked everyone by announcing that Platonic philosophy (and any form of Kantianism) was hopelessly mind-screwed -- explaining that he (Strauss) had seen the light after studying the work of Martin Heidigger (who, in the 30's, had been an ardent supporter of the Nazis). Some people go to such lengths in their attempts to dress up what is, after all, just plain old opportunism !

What it looks like 17.Feb.2004 17:09

What it reads like

is that the guy has you running scared?

KORBELLIANS Fellow Traveller (Mad. Korbel Albright, & Condi Rice) w/Straussians 06.Sep.2004 21:38


Czechoslovakia's communists staged a coup and Korbel, an opponent of the communists, was in danger.The family fled to America, where he became a professor at the University of Denver. His early writings suggest that he was sympathetic to left-wing, socialist ideas but, as he later put it, "I
lost my faith" as a result of the Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe. [sounds eerily familiar? This is the international, revolutionary, anti-democratic, 'leftism' origins of many of the Bushite Zionist hard right neocons.

"The Korbelian view" of politics: what changed? ALBRIGHT TO CONDI both E.Euro/USSR/IRAQ
author: korbel watch
A short background on one family, the Korbels, that make (and warp) your world. This is a very eerie high-level political continuity for over 100 years--or more?