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EUGENE-Sun.-Mon. Feb. 15th + 16th-The 18th Annual Oregon Asian Celebration

The event features a bustling array of Asian culture through its colorful marketplace of vendors, Asian and
Asian-American dances, an art exhibit, crafts, martial arts and cooking demonstrations, youth activities and a wide selection of tantalizing Asian delicacies. Doors open from 10 am until closing at 6 pm both days.
This annual event features the return of popular Asian
entertainment and demonstrations and the introduction of new
surprises. New this year is an area of the
Exhibit Hall devoted to popular and traditional games of

People can learn about or observe the games
of Mah Jongg from China, Hanafuda from Japan and
more. The games will be suitable for all ages.
Also, the addition of a smaller stage in the
Atrium Courtyard will feature quieter forms of
Asian entertainment, and the new teen room will
feature Korean cultural activities by the
Eugene/Springfield Asian American Youth
organization. Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene.

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This is 2004, not 2003 16.Feb.2004 11:00


While the Asian Celebration is a great event to attend, I think it would be better if people knew that it is happening on the 21st and 22nd of February- the dates you gave were for the celebration last year, on February 15th and 16th. Please do come to the event!
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