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Does anyone have a coherent strategy for stopping Starbucks?

If there's no real strategy, those nice meaning folks with their signs and petitions are wasting their time
I've posted this general idea several times before, with no response, as a comment on other articles.

A campaign without a strategy is doomed from the get-go.

What is the pressure point that would stop Starbucks from opening its new shop in southeast?

There have been calls out to call city council and the mayor. Unless they are seeking a special exception or variance to zoning rules, this is a waste of time. I have yet to see or hear that anything like this is required of them to open. In which case, the city couldn't stop them if they wanted to. Does anyone know if there is such a process underway? If so, please share with the rest of us.

Do we think Starbucks really cares if a few dozen people sign petitions or picket on the street corner? I don't.

If this campaign is going to go anywhere, somebody needs to come up with a real, viable strategy. So far, faithful Indymedia readers have seen no evidence that such a strategy exists.
Are you offering a strategy? 16.Feb.2004 09:50

Raggedy Ann

Great comment and critique... so what are you offering? Do you have a strategy? Are you going to organize a strategy meeting? Sounds like this issue is bugging you enough to post comments, so why not put your energy into a solution instead of expecting someone else to?

if we had the governors ear... 16.Feb.2004 11:45


Revoke their corporate charter. And make sure the door hits them in the ass as they leave Oregon.

Look into your navels 16.Feb.2004 12:39

think really hard

and quit patronizing their businesses.

Only way 16.Feb.2004 12:54


Threaten Starbucks big wigs with a city-wide boycott and/or picket of Starbucks. The media attention of a Portland boycott/picket alone would get their attentiveness. They dont want anything to tarnish their name.

Re: strategy 16.Feb.2004 12:54

a non mouse

I recommend you come to the next meeting of residents opposing this Starbucks: 6pm this wed at Cascadia Rising Infoshop (1540 SE Clinton & 15th). Raise your ideas there. Right now, we are planning a presentation before City Council. As to "what can Council do," it should be borne in mind that there is usually some discretion at the disposal of decisionmakers to delay if not altogether cancel new developments, especially if they feel pressure from constituents at a sensitive time (e.g., the upcoming elections).

Andy, the organizing for this effort isn't being carried out on Indymedia 16.Feb.2004 14:08


You're not going to stop Starbucks sitting at your computer. There is already a coherent strategy, I think. It consists of getting petitions from the neighborhood (to show the city and Starbucks that there is much opposition in the neighborhood), contesting the zoning (the neighborhood is zoned for "Commercial Neighborhood 2" which has a lot of restrictions about traffic, etc.), educating the public about why this would be bad for the neighborhood, and organizing boycotts.

There is a website:

There is an email list, go here to subscribe:

Wednesday night is the next meeting:
6PM, 1540 SE Clinton (Cascadia Rising Infoshop)

Anyone interested in participating in this effort can get educated on the website, subscribe to the email list to get news and participate in discussion, and attend the meetings / rallies. Absolutely the least effective way to participate is going to be posting criticism to Indymedia, that is just not where the organizing is taking place.

I agree, this isn't the place 16.Feb.2004 16:13


While the listserve and meetings are not secure or secret, it is still a more appropriate forum for discussing strategy than on an open and monitored site like Indymedia. Why should the campaign lay all its cards out on the table for Starbucks, Perrin, and the developer to see? You don't tell your boxing opponent your gonna hit em with a left hook before you do it! Likewise, it would be stupid to give them the chance to prepare a counter-strategy to ours ahead of time. If you are sincerely concerned about the campaign, I would suggest you get involved. Otherwise, fishing for information on Indymedia just looks fishy.

Organize! 16.Feb.2004 20:04

Funky Gibbon

If you really want to challenge the corporations like Starbucks, then help organize and unionize the workers there. These moralistic 'boycotts' do nothing to challenge bosses.If you want to picket somewhere, then go down to a Safeway and demand a decent contract for the 70,000 striking Californian workers. Most workers are suffering from bad health care plans if they have any at all.
If we are going to challenge the system we need to ORGANIZE whether those workers work in a coffee shop, factory, supermarket, school,office- any work place.
Only the workers can stop the bosses in their quest for more profits, and that is exactly what Safeway workers are doing.
You may stop Starbucks from moving in on your corner, but it isn't really building a movement that can protect workers from the ravages of corporations.

The SOLUTION ! ! 16.Feb.2004 22:39

Nopey Duke

DON'T DRINK COFFEE ! ! (It's BAD for you!)