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Gay Marriage in Portland

Vera? Are you there?
Where is the local support for gay marriage in Portland? San Francisco has now performed hundreds of marriages in support of equal rights for gay people. Where is the local interest?
Where the support is 16.Feb.2004 10:13

Thomas CtH@cthgathering.org

As odd as it may seem to those who get their news from newspapers and TV, support for Gay marriage is not found around here in city government, but in some of the churches. Why don't you look up CtH (Christ the Healer UCC), and Bridgeport UCC?

How about the openly gay Portland Police Officers? 16.Feb.2004 19:02

Oh, I get it, conflict of interest.

Can't we be business friendly and allow for gay marriages too?

Mayor Katz 26.Feb.2004 11:54

On her last leg

I e-mailed her today. Now that about 3,500 COUPLES have wed in S.F. and Oregon has no state law banning gay marriage. She's got nothing to lose. She's on her way out and has been somewhat of a gay/lesbian supporter. Well, maybe not, Mark Kroeker was with her in one of the Pride parades. At any rate, if enough of us bring up the issue, maybe she'll go out with a bang.