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Rapists Against Rape?

Rich Mackin is speaking about men stopping rape but has yet to claim to the sexual assualts/rapes he has committed
Rich Mackin, a known sexual assaulter, will be speaking on Tuesday, February 17th at 7pm at **** ** *** **.

Rich Mackin is presenting an informal reportback from the "Men Can Stop Rape" conference. While we, as women and trans folk in the local Portland community completely support the "Men Can Stop Rape" campaign we cannot on any level support the evening of reportbacks presented by Rich Mackin. Rich Mackin has been called out on sexual assualt and rape openly by three women and has had numerous annoynamous callouts by other women in the Boston and Portland anti-authoritarian community. Originally Rich openly identified with these statements and claimed to be working to meet with the surviviors of the assaults he committed. However, after leaving Boston for Portland, Mackin found it easier to deny his assaults and at this point uses alternative forms of media to deny his assaults and to defend any sexual assualt that he rubs elbows with. There have been many confrontations in the Portland community with Mackin, both from feminists and anti sexists alike to no avail. He, like all other other perpatrators will deny these situations when he has the support from a predominately patriarchal community and will continue to rape and assault until he is made to stop.

As long as Rich continues to garner support from the community, he has no incentive to stop his assaultive behavior. Show support for surviviors and do not attend this report back. Show further support and make a visible presence against his hypocritical stance of teaching others how to stop rape while he himself refuses to accept any responsbility for his multiple assaults.

What the hell? 16.Feb.2004 11:02

Michael Jackson

Rich Mackin is going to be teaching our community about ending rape? Maybe....just maybe....he should stop raping women first. Rich garners financial and emotional support from ignorant members of our community and the racist, sexist, homophobes at Razorcake Magazine. We should shut this fucker down and stop allowing him access to the zine world and our community in general.

So do something 16.Feb.2004 15:53

A dumb white male

So from what I hear, we have not worked out a good way to deal with rape and rapists. It seems like until we do, the best solution is to take the fuckers to court so at least something gets done. At present, absolutely nothing happens to these guys. I know we would be working with the state and stuff, but seriously, these rapists get off scot-free. If I were a rapist, I would rape an anarchist, so that all that would happen is people would post on indymedia about me.
Okay, sorry, that last sentence went too far. But aren`t you bothered that all the dude has to do is move to a different city and nothing happens?

I think he is sincere. 16.Feb.2004 16:02


I think Rich is sincere in his attempts to be accountable. I have never known him to deny his status as an assaulter. I believe, that he is making a concerted effort to meet the expectations of the women who published the manarchist zine. If he is not, please list what he needs to do to meet tehm in your mind.

Maybe he'll read your reply.

Rhetorical question: Should Rich be given any chance to be accountable? Should he be villianized for trying? If he doesn't try, should he be villanized for not trying?

Comment to Rich: I'm sure you fucked up, but I think that you are sincere. And, I for one would like to hear your report back. God knows that the only difference between your actions and those of my own (or most men and many women) are that your have been publicized among the kids. So, feel free to speak out and report back.

Rich is definitely NOT sincere 16.Feb.2004 17:15


If Rich was sincere, then he would work to satisfy the demands (rightfully) made of him by the survivors of his assaults. That would demonstrate real effort working towards their healing. But he isn't. One of the things they ask of him is to not date for awhile. He has repeatedly made fun of this request. He is not at all sincere about making amends. This is only one of several easy requests that he is not fulfilling.

Considering that the alternative to following these requests is legal action, he is getting off very easy. Yet he refuses to honor these womens' simple demands.

To "a dumb white male" - dealing with the state is traumatizing to survivors, and anything but constructive when the objective is to heal.

What has happened to other activist/manarchist types who enjoy sexually assaulting and raping other activists is that their respective communities have forced the perpetrators to deal with their crimes. Then, and only then, did these rapists start working on themselves to stop their patterns of destructive behaviour.

Rich is full of arrogant pride (ever read his mediocre stuff?) and not at all prepared to cop to his own actions, which is hypocritical concerning his usual theme of making corporations accountable.

YES Rich should be given every chance to be accountable. He has chosen to remain unaccountable.


YES Rich should be villainized for not trying. As many rapists will tell you, they only started trying AFTER they have been villainized to the point of inescapability. Not all rapists can simply up and move to a different city like Rich has when the heat gets to be too much for him.

Well that's a scary statement 16.Feb.2004 17:41


"God knows that the only difference between your actions and those of my own (or most men and many women) are that your have been publicized among the kids. So, feel free to speak out and report back."

Rich Is A Dick. 16.Feb.2004 17:52

Rev. L Bobbit

This is a quick stunt to cover up Rich's rape/ "sex addiction" so he will be allowed into zine readings. Don't half ass your work Rich. Thanx to all of the people in this community that are calling this guy out. I have known Rich for years. This guy needs a kick in the ass. Shut up and listen Rich!!!

post edited 16.Feb.2004 22:56

indy volunteer

the text of this article has had the address to the home edited out. this was at the request of the people that live at the address. please do not repost the address.

Accountability 16.Feb.2004 23:11

Gray Ayer (yes, that's my real name) grayair@riseup.net

I find it very ironic when people talk about someone (Rich) who is not (in their opinion) making themselves accountable, and yet, these "call-outs" are made anomymous, and thus, the author becomes unacountable. hmmmmm. How about some consistency.

and please remember, that calls for "make a visible presence against his hypocritical stance of teaching others how to stop rape while he himself refuses to accept any responsbility for his multiple assaults" (and the implications of what this might look like) have consequences for others beside Rich, ie, the adults and children that live at that house and should not be made targets or caught in the middle.

Besides, Rich himself has invited those that doubt his sincerity to show up. So, uh, i guess that means he wants to communicate......

If you do show up to confront Rich, I suggest attempting to put aside your irritation at his personality (i know him, and yes, he talks to much, and draws attention to himself too much) and instead focus on the issues, intentions, and actions, not your dislike for his personality.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any comments.

I'm just a bystander, but...if his housemates 16.Feb.2004 23:33


are reading this, then he has access to this too--why doesn't he just post a response? That's what I would do if I felt I was being wronged or misunderstood.

Rich is the wrong choice to invite to a private home to speak about rape 16.Feb.2004 23:51


I feel bad for the people whose home this event is. Rich has brought this on them by being an unapologetic hypocrite. I am baffled at how Rich has the gall to actually talk about how to "stop rape" when he so openly disrespects the wishes of those he has already sexually assaulted.

I agree, "Gray" that there SHOULD be consistency. Consistency between words and actions. There is a vast inconsistency between Rich's words and actions. The anonymous posters have not exhibited such hypocrisy. Rich's groupies at the zine Razorcake share his responsibility-free ideology.

Rich's "Constantly Self-Promoting Buddhist" oxymoronic personality is certainly hypocritical/typical/annoying, but is not the real problem here. His refusal to take responsibility for his own actions are the problem. That is the sole issue at stake.

Rich has always been willing to "communicate" - i.e. spin his story and make pithy non-apologies which invariably blame the victim. He has done this repeatedly. His hollow accusations are very stale now.

A few clarifications 17.Feb.2004 01:15

richmackin richmackin@earthlink.net

A few points of note;

1) I was "called out" on my actions three days before I moved to Portland. My move was already well planned and documented. So the timing referenced in the above article comes across as inaccurate. This doesn't excuse what I did, but I should make it clear that my moving had nothing to do with the accusations. I have evidence of this if anyone cares to split this particular hair further...

2) I have not been accused of anything, to my knowledge, by any women in Portland, unless this is to imply that referring to one incident many times by many people means it must be re-accounted for. Some people- my accusers or anonymous posters such as Gringo Stars- may never be satisfied with how I atone for past behavior, and may feel that insensitive, selfish, and yes, sexist behaviors of all sorts are as bad as forcible rape, the tone of the original post and that of some of the comments speak not to how they feel I am dealing with the past, but as if I am actively misogynist and a present danger. More on that later...

3) I have at no point denied my behavior, however, it is a matter of opinion if my actions can be described as assault. This isn't even saying I feel one way or another, but I have found many people offended to find my actions- which involved breast contact during an otherwise consenting massage and inappropriate contact during otherwise consenting bed sharing- to be lumped into the term 'rape'. A full account is, and long has been, on my web site at < link to www.richmackin.org.

4) Part of the problem with dealing with a problem via second hand information is that information gets twisted as it is retold. I have been hearing a lot about how I have not met the demands I was given. (And one could ask if merely presenting demands without any moderation or arbitration is the most effective mode of problem solving in itself.) But I have not heard any actual documentation of this. Actually, one of my main complaints about the demands is that they did not set up any sort of accountability, so that it seemed that whether or not I fulfilled them, there was no actual accountability- positive or negative acknowledgement. Aside from if I fulfilled the demands or note is the question- If someone says "You have to do this, but whether you do it or not, I will hate you and seek to make your life miserable, " is that an effective way to get one to do something? Above and beyond how inconvenient this has made my life, I am concerned that this is the precedent being set. The idea of a list of demands against a perpetrator is good, but the way this situation was handled was not.

5) There was never a demand to "not date for a while" as Gringo Stars states. There was a request that I "will stop touching womyn" which has been criticized my myself and others because to follow that would mean I cannot hug my mother, or shake someone's hand after a job interview. This demand specified that I was to refrain from touching women until those supporting my "quest for change (partners, therapists and friends)" felt I was ready. Two therapists, my current (and previous) romantic partner, and many friends, both in and out of radical and activist circles all seem in agreement with me there.

6) Another one of the demands was that I "involve (my)self with groups educating and facilitating men in learning to treat all people with respect and hold men accountable for their words and actions." If I did not do this, I would be villianized. Of course, as I do this, I am being villianized.

7) The "numerous confrontations" mentioned in this post include me being asked to leave a party because the residents were uncomfortable with my presence, and being kicked out of a show, (Which I would not have attended if I knew the organizers were the ones who publish Little Beirut- a well intended newspaper that has taken a disproportionate interest in this situation as opposed to dealing with sexual assault as a general topic.) Being kicked out of said show involved being asked to leave not only the show but the sidewalk on Alberta Street. The two people who asked me to leave told me that "the would not dialogue" with me about this issue. If this is considered confrontation about accountability, there seems to be some lack of clarity of these terms.

8) If I truly "will continue to rape and assault until (I am) made to stop." Shouldn't there be more actual interaction with me than anonymously posting on Indymedia? Little Beirut in fact called for "all of us" keeping me, Rich Mackin, accountable. I am not sure if this is a call for all anarchists, activists, Portland residents, or what, but wouldn't it be more logical for all of "us" to keep EACH OTHER accountable? So much scapegoating has been made against me, fine, if you don't want to like me, I will go on, but please don't think that even if I never get to attend an activist meeting again that sexual assault has been defeated. This reminds me of Monty Python's Life of Brian- where the radicals spend huge amounts of time splitting hairs and complaining, but do nothing resembling positive change. People like Gringo Stars seem very concerned with spending a lot of time writing about me, yet convinced that nothing will stop my evil ways. Well, shouldn't that be a sign that all the writing isn't that productive in doing anything more than making people who don't know me not like me?

There is a metaphor used a lot in social change- Men Can Stop Rape uses it, in which if you saw a person drowning in a river, you would go save them. The next day, if you saw another person drowning, you would save them, but by the third day, you might notice that lots of people are drowning in that river, and you have to ask what's up with that river and see why these people are drowning. Are they being pushed in or what? Clearly you would want to stop people from almost drowning instead of waiting for them to need saving.

That said, if I was truly a danger and sexual predator, how effective is posting about "shutting the fucker down"? A bunch of angry people can chat online about me all day, but isn't that pointless when I have a partner/ sweetheart/ ladyfriend who, if your thoughts on me are founded, is in incredible danger? How can Gringo Stars know someone is in such alleged danger and not try and help her? Well, I asked her if she would like to be checked in by the Portland community and she asked me to post her email... < anail@frontiernet.net> I am sure that someone who spends lots of time with me on an intimate level doesn't know me as well as people who read a zine about me (because if something is in print, it must be true.)

9) It is odd that the poster above noted supporting the group "Men Can Stop Rape" but indirectly implies that the trainers of an anti-rape group were able to have someone as evil as I am implied to be walk among their training for several days and be oblivious to my ways. Either that, or the poster doesn't consider that professional anti-rape trainers, again, people who actually spent time speaking and dealing with me, might have a different opinion of me than people who know of me from photocopies and message boards for a reason. (For that matter, this applies to the people whose home I will be speaking at- "Gringo", did you calmly and politely seek to ask the residents what they are thinking, or merely decide that you know more about me than they do.)
Speaking of attending this workshop, if travelling cross country to attend a workshop at my own expense is half assed, what would would it take to be considered a serious effort?

10) While I am obviously posting here, to address why one might not post a response on such a message board- some people don't have computers. Some don't have internet. Some don't have much access, and some cannot spend time looking up every thread about them. I think the person who asked about this thought my housemates had commented. This was not the case, but it does show how easily things can be misinterpreted.

11) Can we all consider the effectiveness of time spent on all this? For anyone who is considering coming to protest me speaking to people in my friend's house about ways I have learned to combat sexism in our society- do you feel that this is the only effective use of your time? There isn't a way you can help society more effectively than calling one guy on shit he has been dealing with for a year? If not, how much energy are you willing to put in such a specific cause. To put it another way, Gringo, is there anything I could do, and I mean specific actions or words, that would make you happy?

A brief pause for actual action 17.Feb.2004 03:01

richmackin richmackin@earthlink.net

Since I always like to include something proactive when I can...

Attorney general Ashcroft has made clear his plans to limit gender based asylum (for issues such as trafficking, sexual slavery, honor killing, domestic violence), and now that the issue falls under the guidelines of the department of homeland security, it will likely end badly.

You can send a free fax to our friend, Attorney General Ashcroft via


Obviously sending a free fax isn't going to save the world on it's own, but it's more helpful than bickering with people online.

Rightfully 17.Feb.2004 05:26


"he would work to satisfy the demands (rightfully) made of him by the survivors"

I am glad you added the "R" word this time.

Because he certainly should ignore folks with political agandas.

So should the victims and survivors.

Demand #3 17.Feb.2004 12:01

Matt Hugo

Rich-Noticed that you did not disclose before advertising for this shin-dig? This is the third demand from survivors that you assulted. I don't want to be in the room with a perp. You spend a ton of time and energy twisting your demands and denying your assults. You cry about how one of the demands would not allow you to hug your own mother. Everyone knows that you can hug your mother ok. Stop manipulating this situation and your demands. Maybe you should write about how the demands have helped you and why they are important. You should be thanking the people holding you accountable. They should not have to do this work. Stop the backlash and own up.

Gray-Hummm...Why would a person wish to remain anonymous to a sexual assulter? Yesss....hummmm.

Grow up 17.Feb.2004 13:33

Someone with sense

The only "bullshit" flying around here is by the people attempting to demonize Rich. He is not a bad guy. He's certainly committed some "inappropriate touching" offenses but he is neither a rapist nor a serial sexual assaulter. Some of the demands by his so-called "survivors" are ludicrous and there's no legitimate reason for him to abide by all of them. I also think it's ludicrous for someone who has had their breast groped during a consensual masage to call herself a "survivor of sexual assault." To me, that completely demeans the experience of anyone who is genuinely the survivor of a violent sexual assault.

I think that there are a lot of people in Portland who are concerned about the important issue of sexual assault and patriarchy, and wish to stand up for the rights of survivors. That's great and I fully support that. However, I think they've completely blown this particular issue out of proportion, mainly because Rich is a relatively prominent target who refuses to slink off in shame. He's willing to stand up for himself, tell the truth about his previous mistakes and explain in detail what he's doing to reform his behavior. Certain reactionary nitwits apparently can't stand the thought of a human being reforming his own behavior. Punishment is the key!!

It's also quite clear that many of these people (like GRINGO STARS) really don't have lives (why else would they spend half their time posting on Indymedia?), and seek to actively persecute Rich because they've got nothing better to focus their energy on.

Grow up children. Do something productive.

.. 17.Feb.2004 14:24


Inappropriate touching is not rape. I would not even call it sexual assault. If someone had their breast touched and that was it, I think calling that rape does a great disservice to those who have actually been forcibly raped.

Gringo, in this issue you are daft. If someone has to 'heal' because someone inappropriately touched their breast, then they are in deep shit. Far greater transgressions happen everyday. Having to see billboards and be assualted by advertising is far more traumatic than having a body part touched. Breathing in car exhaust is far more damaging.

I would guess that a majority of people have kissed someone or touched someone only to have those advances be unwanted. That is part of life.

Survivor my ass. What a bucketload of bullshit.

Manarchist? 17.Feb.2004 14:24

Yen Tugen

Men in the activist community need to be discussing these issues. However, we do not need to be lead or taught by a sexual assaulter who is not working on his own problems. Women have been telling us to examine our privledge, rape culture and oppressive behaviors towards them. Why is it not happening? Why would we listen to a sexual assaulter and not our sisters, mothers, friends and comrades?

Rich should be imprisoned if our community can not hold him to these demands. There needs to be rehab. and accountability or our community will not be safe. These demands need to be respected. It is not Rich's place to decide this process.

oppressive behavior is not a "personality flaw" 17.Feb.2004 15:57

steve dewitt

gray - your comment about putting aside rich's disdainful personality is offensive. talking too much and drawing attention to oneself is a large aspect of male privilege. if rich is truly working on issues of male privilege and rape culture, he would understand that imposing yourself into others' space cannot be excused as a personality flaw; it is a power issue. it is one of the many things that he should be working on.

unfuckingbelievable 17.Feb.2004 16:04


the dude made a mistake and touched a breast! big fuckin deal! jesus! and you are talking about imprisoning him!

i would rather have bush in office than some of you posting to this thread!

How you would make me happy, Rich 17.Feb.2004 18:22


Simple; by making the survivors happy. You know; the women you sexually assaulted. Very simple. I have spoken with only two of them briefly and they are only interested in their healing process. I don't blame them.

HONOR THEIR DEMANDS. It is outrageous that you would sexually assault them and then scoff at their demands. Pure arrogance. Your lawyerly BS about "not being able to hug my own mother" is obviously not the point of the particular demand they amde on you. You're a big boy, Rich. You realize that in this context, that "touch" means sexual touch, right? And that when I say "date" I mean the same thing, correct? You are very lawyerly for a someone who claims to want to live apart from the system.

How about instead of looking for loopholes, why don't you simply honor the demands of the survivors?

To the others; Rich was not simply breast-touching, but I will not discuss details that are not my privilege to discuss. Thanks for the childish ad hominem, though, folks. I shoudln't respect such comments by responding to them but I should point them out so people can see the type of human that defends unapologetic sexual predators.

This is no "bickering online"... these are public services. As long as you are so arrogantly unapologetic and irreseponsible towards the pain you have caused, you will be accurately described as such, publicly and repeatedly. Someday you will be forced to reckon with what you have done. For now, you make BS excuses and disavow any responsibility for your despicable actions. Thanks for trying to change the subject though.

All women should know for their own safety.

Ancient Chinese Proverb 17.Feb.2004 23:11

Margie Blocker

"Don't point out the speck in someone else's eye when you have a log sticking out of your own."

Gringo - grow up, get a life, and get into legislation if you really want to walk your talk.

You have no idea. 17.Feb.2004 23:59

I wish I could tell you, but I made a promise.

Most of you guys out there have only the barest inkling of what Rich is really like. I actually lived with this creep, on 2 separate occasions. He was not quite the accomplished sexual predator back then, but the seeds were already there. We were once the closest of friends. I know the truth about him now, and it sickens me. I don't doubt any of it for a second. The only thing I will say about him(and this is not a defense by any means) is that he probably truly does not think he's done anything wrong. He actually thinks that these girls want him, and that they just need a little friendly "persuading". He could probably pass a lie detector test if he had to. What is also sad is that I am one of the few among our core group of friends that knows what Rich has done. Everyone else thinks he's just a swell but misunderstood guy, and that I am the jerk. I don't care. He can talk all he wants about his "problems with woman", I know him for what he really is. No amount of euphemisms can change this. I am just glad that more people are becoming aware of what a menace he is.
I am anonymous because I promised one of his victims that I would not name her. I wish she felt otherwise, but that is not to be. Anyone familiar with these proceedings should have little trouble figuring out who I am.

a clear and meaningful title 18.Feb.2004 01:34

anonymous or made up

I don't know Mr. Mackin. I've never met him, and I'm not entirely clear about what he has or has not been accused of specifically, but I'm puzzled by some of this dicussion:

Do you (any yous in general, but GRINGO STARS in particular) think that fondling someone during a non-sexual massage gives the fondlee the right to demand ANY acts of penance from the fondler without any restrictions in perpetuity until the end of time? Because that's what it sounds like, and that seems a little extreme. To me. Would it not make more sense and be most fair to both parties to have a third, mutually agreed upon person arbitrate between them?

Something not pointed out 18.Feb.2004 07:47

More Cryptic Nonsense

The comment just above yours does not involve either of the two women who wrote the zine that made the demands who were inaproppriately touched which Rich admitted to somewhat et cetera ad nauseum, but a different woman who wishes to remain nameless.

Some idea 18.Feb.2004 23:29


OK, 'I wish I could tell', what are you doing for yourself? Therapy, individual or group, seems a bit much (from what you write above). How about feminist consciousness raising? definitely, not with the friends you meantion. Are you reading the book_S_ about why and how people like Rich operate? Why and how people like you cooperate?

If you keep telling your friends that Rich is bad, they must keep finding more excuses to regard him as good. No doubt, already, they are trying to cure your negative attitude. No doubt they are like you, or like you who was living with Rich. Are you changing? Do you need to change them?

What are you doing for yourself?

More clarity 19.Feb.2004 11:10

rich mackin richmackin@earthlink.net

The following is a direct quote from one of the women who wrote "Baby, I'm a Manarchist!" describing the main incident (I realize that this, or any term I use, will be debated) in an email to me (it was printed out and I only recently came across it- I thought I lost it in the move)...

"for the record, to be ridiculously clear, among things that you did were caressing me, kissing me all over, laying on top of me, pulling my pants down (I think she would agree that this was pulling the waistline down, not down as in off), attempting to perform oral sex, and possibly more... we fall asleep...i wake up at 5am not knowing why, and slowly realize as I come to that youre on top of me, my pants are undone, and your hand is down them. I fall back asleep, in the morning you act as if nothing has happened." (sic)

Ok, do I look like a complete creep in this situation? Yes. Did I do a lot of things that I shouldn't have? Yes. This woman came to my house, and given the choice of her own bed and sharing one with me chose to share a bed with me. That does NOT mean anything more than her wanting to share a bed. The fact that we had been sexual partners in the past does not mean she would want to be again. I could argue about subtleties of body language and what was discussed prior to this, and details of the event, and I also note that I have no recollection of the 5am incident, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen- I believe it did, let's consider her words to be 100% true.

If this is what I did, I think it's clear that this is NOT appropriate behavior. As such, it was completely fair to call me out on it. I would even say that this, in context with other situations where I act in similar ways (the most notable the other main charge of my kissing a woman's breast while I was giving her a massage, which caused her to have a flashback to a prior assault), would warrant me being asked to do some serious work on changing my personality in general, and my dealings with women specifically.

But please, tell me, does the above behavior make me sound like a threat to the general public? Should I be barred from events? (Although, by all means, check on any women you see me speaking to.) Does the above behavior sound like something that warrants people staging a protest at a private residence because I wanted to talk to a group- predominantly friends of mine who are anti-sexist activists- about what I learned at an anti-rape workshop?

I refused to refer to what I did as rape. This is apparently one of the main problems people have against me. Was this arguably sexual assault (in moral, not legal terms)? Yes. Is it WRONG. YES! Am I sorry? YES! But out of respect for people I know who have been RAPED (and I opted not to contrast the above with a description from a Villiage Voice article about what it feels like to be raped- forcefully penetrated) I find it unfair to dilute the use of that word.

Clearly, anyone reading the above should well double-think sharing a bed with me, letting me give you a massage behind closed doors, even being alone with me in private, but again the one person in Portland who faces that risk is my romantic partner, and for all the meetings and online discussion, not a single one of the people making a fuss, the ACA, Little Beirut, whoever "Gringo Stars" is, has contacted her to make sure she is ok. Again, her email is < anail@frontiernet.net> and she is open to dialogue about how I treat her. If this isn't accountability for what my current actions are, I don't know what is.

Shut The Fuck Up Rich!!! 19.Feb.2004 13:57


That's one story. One story of sexual assult by Rich Mackin. Don't down play it. Rich sexually touched women that had asked him not to touch them. Rich keeps mentioning the shared bed thing. Why? If sharing a bed dosn't give you consent to touch women ... why do you keep mentioning it? We know. Cuz some jackass might have the opinion that "she asked for it by sharin a bed" and they might back your sexual assult. It's sick. You are a sick man Rich Mackin. Rich has hurt, assulted and raped women. This is one story of assult out of sooo many comming from the mouths of the women that Rich assulted and raped. "Baby Im a Manarchist" only tells of three of Rich's survivors. Rich has assulted many more women. One in four women are sexually assulted. Rich has done more than his part to make this stat a reality.

How old are ya Rich?

Response 19.Feb.2004 18:12

Rev. Bannna Boat

Yes Rich. You are a threat and you should be barred.

quit playing dictionary, Rich - we all speak english here 19.Feb.2004 19:27


What you did was rape. Yes.

<<But please, tell me, does the above behavior make me sound like a threat to the general public? Should I be barred from events?>>

Yes, you are a threat because you refuse to take part in the healing process of these women. They have asked you to honor demands and you refuse to do so, even arguing against individual demands, as if you have the right to dictate how they should feel and react, this after you have sexually assaulted them. Male privilege is still prominent in your psyche, even after learning of teh concept and the harm it can cause. I guess it's easier to read books about Buddhism than truly deal with yourself. That's your choice. And your unapologetic, so-OK-with-rape-that-you-call-it-something-different attitude makes you a hypocrite, as do your choices. A slong as you are a threat to the healing process of those you have already assaulted, you are still a threat to certain public people. Trying to differentiate yourself from a violent-raper-of-strangers by using the term "threat to the genral public" is entirely beside the point and a fallacious "Mackinism" - i.e. "slippery pile of complete and utter BS."

Is this guy serious? 20.Feb.2004 17:36


I can't believe this. Is this guy for real. I don't know this story. I have to put in my two cents. Rich- from your post alone. I have gathered that you are indeed a rapist. You talk in circles to deny this fact. Get help. You need a ton of help. You are a threat not just bec ause you are a rapist but because you are using a few of the most disturbing arguments to defend your actions. You sound like a frat boy.

Simpletonia 12.Apr.2004 06:08


This whole comment page is goofy. The only people that have any right to discuss this are the "victims" and the "accused". How can anybody who wasn't present at the events open their nasty anonymous mouths in the first place? This forum is a bash-fest! Step forward and be recognized!
Can you imagine having your life dragged into the spotlight by strangers, and then having every second of it scrutinized to death? Good gawd, those without sin can throw stones gathered from the left!