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Why we need Leaders?

Why we need Leaders?
Ok- ya i listen to the business plan at work? But what do I need a President for again?
you don't. 14.Feb.2004 08:56


You don't need leaders. Join the Rebel Forces.

We need to lose the republic. 15.Feb.2004 03:08


We can send a man to the moon, so I assume we can take the right to vote for us away from our elected represenetives. I think we should just let the assholes propose the occasional law here and thier and we the people, vote electronically from our homes. Kind of like a group remote control of our elected politicians, where thay are just not allowed to deviate from what thier constituents want.

Even if people didn't always vote or only half the people voted, it still would provide much more democratic clarity that 100 senators representing 270,000,000 people. Thats just stupid. We need to move toward a more true form of democracy and away from the idea of a republic. The whole idea of a republic stems from people needing to ride horses to get around and the great distances they would have had to travel to cast a vote (not to mention control and the retention of the minority of the opulent ).

So, yeah, join the Rebel Forces and lets all enslave some politicans!

fuck yeah 16.Feb.2004 00:53

Carl Panzram

Que se vayan todos!!

Out with them all - to never be replaced!

The revolution is happening all around us, and it is growing by the day. The rebel forces rose up on January 1, 1994, and from there an exponential wave is spreading across the planet - Argentina, Bolivia, Equador, Seattle, Quebec City, Genoa, and even Portland.